8 August 2020


By Celeste Rendall

We are trying to get more photos but as you can see Dotty is a silly girl!

Reference No – D2020 – 108

Name: Dotty

Age: 6 years old

Breed: Cockerpoo

Fostered in: South Wales

Dotty loves life and everyone. She is happy to follow you around having a nose at what’s going on but equally loves a good snooze on the sofa. Dotty is very keen to pleased but sometimes can forget her manners. Dotty loves life and has two speeds – slow or super-fast! There’s nothing in between with our darling Dotty. She has a huge character and needs someone with experience of dogs that is willing to work on socialization around other dogs.

Health issues: None known

People: Dotty interacts well with people she knows. She can come across as overconfident at times and needs to be reminded that she can’t jump into your arms until you’re ready for her.
Dotty looks for guidance from her foster mum particularly when out on a walk . She is nervous around strange things and will bark in fear. However, lately with some specific training she has made great progress in this area. This is still a work in progress.

Can live with children: Dotty can not live with children.

Can live with cats: Not tested

Can live with other dogs: Dotty gets on well with the current dogs in her foster home, but this is because interactions are well managed. Dotty is starting to learn to play but can be over boisterous and needs to be monitored. She is scared of dogs she doesn’t know and will bark in fear. Dotty will be best suited with a calm confident male dog. Dotty would be suitable and prefer to live on her own without another dog in the house. However, she will need to continue her socialization outside of the home with calm and well-balanced dogs who can teach her how to be and about good manners.

In the home: Dotty is house trained. She has a crate that she uses when her foster family are out. She is happy in her crate and currently eats in it as she has previously had issues around food guarding. Dotty will guard some favourite toys and her place on the sofa at times with the other dogs.
She had not shown any issues when foster mum has taken toys off her or asked her to move over / off the sofa. Issues around guarding are more related to sharing her family with other dogs. Dotty has been left for up to 3 hrs in her large crate with a lick mat and she has been completely fine. She will sleep in the crate at night and eats in the crate

Out and about: Dotty travels well in a car crate in the boot.
When out on the lead she walks nicely on a collar or harness. However, when she sees other dogs she has over last few weeks started to react with barking. Some of this can be excited barking but at times she is unpredictable as she is also very fearful of many dogs. Her new family will need to continue with the training of this issue.

Type of home: Dotty needs a home that understands or is willing to learn about dog behaviour around fear and poor socialization. Her new home will need to read her body language which is very clear when she is worried. Dotty looks for support to help her with anxiety. She needs clear direction and guidance – someone with time to train her and work around her fear issues. Firm, fair and consistency works well for Dotty as she then knows the boundaries. She will then stick to them with just a few reminders needed during new experiences or when she forgets herself.
Dotty wants to be loved and to please her foster mum. She loves to be told she is a good girl.
Dotty loves to be outside so an active owner who loves walking would be great for Dotty.

Dotty is Fully vaccinated, neutered and up to date with flea and worming treatment.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.

I come with five weeks free Argia Pet insurance.

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