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Reference No – D2020-123

Name: Darla

Age: 2 years old

Breed: Cavalier King Charles

Fostered in: South Wales


Health Conditions: Darla snores and can breathe quite loudly both awake and asleep this was checked out at the vets and there is no concern there. Darla came in overweight and her foster mum is trying to control this in her foster home. This must continue in her new home too as it may help with her snorting.

Darla is an Ex Breeding girl who adores nothing more than cuddling up to her humans. She is such an adorable girl and is slowly but surely learning how to enjoy the finer things in life. She lives with a foster brother and sister who she is learning from every day.

People: Darla is comfortable with humans in the home she loves to snuggle up to her foster family but can at times be unsure of people at first.

Can live with children: Darla is quite happy to lay on the bed of an 11-year-old boy in her foster home, snuggled up whilst he plays on his xbox.

Can live with cats: Darla has not been tested with cats

Can live with other dogs: Darla has a little Guarding problem at times, and although this is not a problem at all with humans and you can take anything away from her with no reaction at all, she can be growly around other dogs when guarding items such as socks shoes T-shirt’s toys or anything she can take that’s lying around. She has also growled when laying with her foster mum and her foster sister has jumped up close. She has never bitten another dog but just growled and jumped at them, so it would be important to monitor this behaviour as she will stop immediately once told to by her human. There is no showing of teeth just a growly warning but she stops straight away when told “no”

In the home: Darla is house trained and sleeps on the settee most nights her foster mum allows her to sleep on the bed also, but her snoring gets quite loud so if you can sleep through it she would definitely prefer to be cuddled up on the bed with her human all the time. Darla has never used a crate in her foster home. Darla is not destructive but will steal items of clothing socks and shoes and take them to the settee, or her bed. she likes to chew bones and will now and again play with toys. Darla being a typical cavvie loves to eat. She has a good appetite and her food intake must be controlled as she will eat and eat. Darla has not been left very long at one time but has been fine when left short periods she’s very excited to see you when you come back home and has a waggy tail for you and a little dance.

Out and about: Darla is more confident walking on the lead with other dogs. she can get scared of other dogs coming into her space especially bigger dogs and is not very confident when walked alone. Darla travels very well and will sit quietly in the car with her seat belt on.

Type of home: Darla loves human company but also likes to follow her foster sister around, she likes to mother her, and she is the one that she will boss about or growl at when guarding something the most. She is getting much better and is slowly learning to share her stuff, but she needs to be reminded at times so it’s important that it is monitored.

Darla is neutered, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatments.

Potential adopters would be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.

I come with five weeks free Argia Pet Insurance.