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Reference No – D2020-121

Name: Daisy

Age: 5 – 8 yrs old

Breed: Cairn Terrier

Fostered in: South Wales

Health Conditions: None known

Daisy loves people and adores having cuddles, being groomed etc. She climbs up your leg to get affection and a fuss. She is a very cuddly girl and adores humans more than dogs. Daisy is in a foster home with lots of other dogs of various sizes, and whilst she gets on with them all fine, she has not bonded with any of them and always prefers human company.

People: Daisy is in her element around people, she adores them. She loves a fuss and being brushed; she rolls over for her tummy to be tickled, Daisy is a people dog.

Can live with children: Daisy can live with children who are dog savy, 7 years plus.

Can live with cats: No

Can live with other dogs: Daisy is fine with all the dogs in her foster home. Daisy is not bothered at all by other dogs, she is confident in herself and has shown her interest is in humans rather than dogs. Daisy is a confident, happy dog who does not need another dog for security, she would be happy in a loving home on her own where she gets all the love and attention she needs but the opportunity to meet other dogs occasionally.

In the home: House training is still a work in process, but she is learning quickly with the help of puppy pads. Daisy likes to sleep on the sofa, with a cushion as a pillow please. She will go in a crate if need be but would rather not. She has ventured upstairs once and then cried because she could not get back down. She likes to pull blankets from her bed and shred them but that is because she wants to play. Daisy would love to have toys and play with a human rather than a dog. Daisy has not been left yet.

Out and about: Daisy has not been walked outside her foster home yet. She travels well but needs a crate or she will try to sit on your lap and change gear. Vets adore her and she loves them too

Type of home: Daisy is confident in herself and is not in need of a dog for reassurance. She wants a human slave of course and access to play with other dogs occasionally. Daisy would love a home where she is No 1 and all her needs catered for. A home where Daisy can continue to learn matters with positive reinforcement techniques would benefit her.

Daisy is neutered and up to date with her flea and worming treatment, she is currently awaiting second vaccination.

Potential adopters would be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.

I come with five weeks free Argia Pet insurance.