28 November 2022

Cruella *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Cruella D2022-166

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Older teenage children
  • Can live with cats
  • Patient owners who understand she is a work in progress and this will take time and love

Cruella is a 8 year old Bichon described by her foster mum as a happy but nervous girl. She will wag her tail when she sees her foster mum but is hand shy and will need a lot of patience from her forever family. There is a loving girl underneath all that fear of being touched who just needs time to be allowed to overcome this at her own pace.

Cruella or Ella as we call her loves her food and will cock her head to the side watching as her food is prepared. She loves to watch the neighbours through the window and is very curious as to what they are doing. She runs to greet us with the other dogs when we come home but will hold back behind the other dogs for safety.

She is nervous of strangers and is still very reliant on her foster siblings to know when it’s safe to approach which has to be on her own terms.

Cruella hasn’t met any children. A home without children would be best for this scared girl and visiting children should be teenagers or older that would not want to pet her.

Cruella lives with a cat and has shown no interest in him, she hasn’t met any other small furry animals.

Cruella is 95%house trained and will go to toilet in the garden everytime she is encouraged to. She will have the odd accident in the home when her human goes out but this soon stops when she realises that they will return.

She loves to snooze on the sofa or on her cushion on the floor with her buddies. She sleeps on her foster mums bed with the other 2 bichons in the home and sleeps soundly all night although she can get nervous if her human gets up in the night, but talking quietly to her calms her down.

Eĺla likes to nibble things so will need lots of distractions especially slippers, socks and anything else she can pinch.

As she is still very hand shy she will need a lot of patience before she can even have a harness on in the home and then a lead attached and then lots of only being walked in the garden so not to frighten her of being attached to her human.

Cruella needs a quiet stress free home where she can feel safe and take her time to find her paws. A home that won’t expect too much of her and will not push her to do things until she is ready. A home without children and only teenager or older visiting children. If you want a dog that will go out walking straight away then Cruella is not for you, as she will need a lot of time to trust her new owners and they will need to give her space and time to gain her trust. Once she does, she will be a wonderful fun loving girl that I know is desperate to come out given time. She travels in a crate in the car and is nervous, but given time she will be better.


Vaccinated, microchipped an up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Wenvoe

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance