28 November 2022

Audrey *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Audrey D2022-169

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Older dog savvy children
  • Not cat or small furry tested
  • Patient and loving owners who are home most of the time

Audrey is an 8 year old King Charles Cavalier described by her foster mum as a middle aged lady looking for a human with a sofa to call her own. She is a darling who hasn’t enjoyed an easy life until now but is ready to live out her retirement in a calm and loving home with plenty of cuddle’s food and the occasional bit of fun. She doesn’t mind if you are a woman or a man or anything else for that matter as long as you treat her gently, feed her regularly and share your home and your bed with her. She’s spent a long time on her own so now wants a companion who will be around most of the day to show her what this wonderful world has to offer. She doesn’t mind if you like rugby or football, she’s quite happy to sit and admire you while you cheer on your favourite team. She would like a calm resident dog to help her learn the skills she needs to live in a home and to comfort her when she feels a little anxious.

She’s in good general health but like most women of a certain age bits and pieces are starting to drop. She’s lost a lot of her teeth so will need a nice soft diet and occasional treat to keep her comfortable. She’s very friendly towards people big and small and dogs of all shapes and sizes. She is starting to see that people can be very kind and she finds comfort in a gentle touch and a loving cuddle taken at her pace. She will watch constantly. At first with caution then as she gets to know you, she will gaze at you with adoration. Looking lovingly into your eyes heart and soul.

Audrey is very good with children of all sizes. If there were any children living at her new home or visiting that they understand that she is new to this environment and needs time to develop a trust in people. She needs a gentle touch and tone until she feels safe.

Not cat or small furry tested.

Audrey is house trained and will follow the other dogs lead on toileting outdoors, however this may take time to establish in a new home so please expect a few mistakes or accidents until she becomes familiar with your routine.

Audrey sleeps in bed with her humans and resident dogs. She would quite happily enjoy getting up early every day and bounds around with her tail wagging to greet each new day or enjoy a lazy lay in until you are ready to get up. She’s so easy going and just wants to fit into her new life. She has adopted a little pink Elephant called Edna whom she washes with kisses and licks that will need to be rehomed with her.

Audrey has suffered with travel sickness on most of her car journeys. She travels very quietly despite this in a dog carrier on the rear seat.

Due to her vaccination status, she has not been out lead walking just yet but gets very excited when the harness comes out and is happy to have it on with a lead attached and has done some lead training in the garden and is very keen to explore this beyond the garden gate if she were allowed.

Audrey would like a home where she can relax and feel safe, where her human or people are around most of the day. She would need at least one resident calm and friendly dog to follow their lead. She doesn’t ask for much, she doesn’t want to compete in next years Crufts or be dressed up as a super model dog , she doesn’t want to be the first Cav in space. She just wants to enjoy her hard earned retirement being a lap dog who is guaranteed regular meals, constant love, a gentle touch and tone and an understanding of her needs. She will need time to adjust and build up a trust with her new people. Children would need to understand that Audrey is not a playful pup and that she needs to feel safe around them so older dog savy children proffered.
She may be a “King” Charles Cavalier but she deserves to be treated like a Queen


1st vaccs, microchipped, up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Port Talbot

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance