27 December 2022

Butter *****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Butter D-2022-194

*      Could be an only dog

*      Could also live with a resident dog who won’t bully him               

*       Not cat or small furry tested

*       Could live with older teenage children

*      Needs a home where he will be adored and loved

Butter is a 7 year old Mini toy poodle with a sweet loving nature. He is very quiet when you first meet him but after he settles, he is the most cwtchy little man. He is quite content to spend the whole time curled up on the sofa on his own or next to you and if you put him in a dog bed he is back up on the sofa waiting for you before you can get there. He is like a little lightning bolt to get back to his comfy space.

Due to butter having the most awful teeth when he came into foster he has had all his teeth removed. This however does not stop him

Butter has been picked on by other dogs in the past and can be quite timid to start but he wont stand any nonsense from them when pushed too far. He has also previously been pushed away from his food so will now growl at others if they get too close. To make sure he can relax when eating we would recommend that he is fed on his own.

He walks lovely on the lead outside but has never seen much so is wary of his surroundings. He is nervous of unknown dogs so his new pawrents need to make sure they keep him safe and he has positive interactions. Its important he gets out to explore the world and build those muscles to race you to bed.

Toilet training is a work in progress and he needs to be carried into the garden as he is terrified you will shut the door on him and lock him out. This will get better in time he just needs to feel loved.

He is not cat or small furry tested and could live with older teenage children who can cuddle and read to him.

Butter currently sleeps in a crate with another dog and sleeps all night. Due to lack of muscle he is currently unable to climb the stairs but be warned once he has built his strength and found his paws we bet he will be in bed before you.

Butter could be an only dog where his owner is around most of the time or live with another dog who doesn’t mind that butter is going to want to be permanently attached to you until he feels safe and loved. He just wants to be snuggled up to someone without getting trodden on


1St vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Newport

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance