13 March 2023

Bean *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Bean D2023-27

  • Can be an only dog with lots of attention.
  • Can also live with other dogs.
  • Can live with cats with proper introductions.
  • Sensible children who won’t treat him like a toy.
  • Owners aware of the breed
  • Adopted on a neutering and training agreement.

Bean is a 12 week old mini Dachshund lovingly referred to as little jumping bean, running bean and sometimes baked bean (when he’s asleep). He likes nothing better than hanging off your socks or hanging on the end of a tuggy pretending to be a big boy dog.

He can be slightly hesitant in new circumstances but then within minutes he is at home running around and saying hello to everyone. He is into everything and everyone once over his initial shyness.

He wants to be a proper dog and have things he can chew, rip up and play with. He loves human play time and then belly rubs. He doesn’t sleep often as he’s too busy being a running Bean and playing zoomies over obstacle courses (settee, raised dogs’ beds etc under supervision).

Bean has met big dogs, little dogs, barkie dogs, hyper dogs, quiet dogs and wants to play with them all and shows no fear. He has met cats who do not like dogs and although they threatened to initially eat him, they just jumped out of his way, and he promises to be nice to other cats if introduced properly.

He would like children to play with and children who will play with him, but they need to realise he’s not a toy and be aware of Daxi related health issues. Children he can run around with and then cuddle up to in bed at night with – he says he wrote that – the fosterer says he can sleep in his cage.

Collar, Harness and lead training is yet to be started but will need to begin in the garden until he feels comfortable enough with it to go out. This doesn’t mean that he is not to go out as at this age he is like a sponge and needs to be out in the big wide world seeing everything.

Bean currently sleeps in a cage but will climb your legs to get onto your lap for snuggles. He doesn’t really know what sleep is! He is however excellent overnight just likes to be awake and active during the day.

Bean is puppy pad trained mostly and has started to go outside for a wee. He is learning fast with positive encouragement and is such a good little boy.

Bean would like a home that doesn’t treat him like a handbag dog or a little dog. He wants an active home who will take him everywhere where his 4 feet are on the floor, and he can walk and run. He wants a family that will take the time to play tuggy and ballie with him, take him to puppy school where he can become the next cruft’s obedience champion. He wants his family to realise he is a big dog in a small package and can do anything any other dog can do if kept slim and fit.

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Cardiff