Ann – 1-year old King Charles Cavalier cross

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Name: Ann

Age: 1 year old

Breed: X Breed

Can I live with Children?: Older children

Can I live with cats?: Yes

Can I live with other dogs?: Yes

Fostered In: Crewe

Ann is a one-year old former puppy farm crossbreed who is being fostered in Crewe, Cheshire. She needs basic training and socialising to learn that being a loved pet isn’t scary and is much better than a dark barn.

People –  Ann is a nervy puppy farm dog but loves cuddles and attention. She is sociable although timid at first. Once she trusts you she will jump onto your lap and wag her tail for a fuss. Ann could live with older children who understood that she needed space and time to gain confidence. Children who understood the importance of being calm and quiet around her initially. Ann loves to cuddle up next to you and is never far away from where you are. Her tail is always wagging in the house and she is always pleased to see you. Ann is getting braver every day at coming straight up to people to get a fuss.

Dogs –   Ann is sociable with other dogs but can get jealous at times so will need to learn to share humans and toys etc as she settles. She tries to play with dogs and is getting more sociable at she settles in.

Cats – Ann barked at the resident cat initially but ignores it now and wouldn’t chase it. She also lives with two parrots and shows no prey drive.

In the home – Ann is fine to be left for short periods. She settles happily in her bed and doesn’t bark or cry.  Ann will take socks and toys if left near her but isn’t destructive – she just takes them into her bed.  Ann is learning what it is like to be a pet and how to share so she can sometimes get possessive over toys that she really likes. This is improving as she learns and settles into a routine in her foster home.  Ann is quite fearful in the dark so will bark when in the garden at night if something scares her like a tree creaking, or a letter box rattling in the wind, but overall, she is a very happy dog in the house who will run upstairs and sit on the sofa watching TV with you.

Out and about – This is currently a work in progress. Ann will walk on a lead but the outside world is quite scary so she needs encouragement and to trust the person walking her first. She is very shy currently when outside the house or attempting lead walks which is understandable given her background. Her fosterer is currently building up her confidence on a lead in the house and garden rather than overwhelming her walking elsewhere so this will need to be carried on by any prospective owner

Type of home – Ann needs a home with understanding people that will allow her to continue to build confidence without expecting a bouncy young puppy all the time. It will take Ann time to learn how to be a loved pet and enjoy walks and being outdoors so this will need patience from her new family. Ann needs a family that will work with her to continue house training and lead training. Ann needs a home with no other dogs or other dogs that are calm and non-reactive as Ann may take some time to settle in as she has done in the foster home. She tells dogs off but is quickly learning that gets ignored by the resident dogs.

Please remember, if you have a dog and it is not neutered, it is against our policies to re-home a dog with you.

Ann is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Crewe.

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