Rehomed – Grace – 5-year old Old English Sheepdog – South Wales

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Name: Grace

Age: 5 Years

Breed: Old English Sheep Dog

Can I live with Children?: Yes, older dog savvy ones

Can I live with cats?: Not tested

Can I live with other dogs?: Yes, another dog a must

Fostered In: Vale of Glamorgan


Grace is a 5-year old Old English Sheepdog who is being fostered in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. Grace has a Grade 3/6 left hand side heart murmur, no medication and it does not slow her down at all.
People – Grace adores being touched, she would be happy to be constantly stroked and brushed for ever. She sometimes jumps and attempts to snap if trying to untangle a knotted bit of fur but a kiss and a cuddle and she is soon back to being laid back and loving. We were told that Grace did not like men but she is great the men in her foster home. She does bark whenever anyone comes into the room. Everyone ignores her barking, tells her to shut up and treats her like they do the other dogs and she soon settles. possibly needs more socialisation and reassuring. She seems to need reassuring more around adults that are not dog savvy. Grace is fine with dog savvy children and will live happily with children who understand a dog’s needs.

Dogs –  Yes, fine with other dogs and no issues so far with others she meets.

Cats – Not tested with cats

In the home – Grace is only left alone for short periods but with other dogs she trusts. Even if not alone, she will bark at any movement or sound so for the sake of happy neighbours, best not to leave her alone for too long. She loves being brushed and groomed which is just as well as she has to endure it for at least an hour every day. Whilst two of the resident dogs always go upstairs to sleep, Grace has never attempted the stairs.

Out and about – Grace is very good on the lead and does not pull. She does not walk to heel but is comfortable to walk on lead. She loves going for a run in the field off lead. She is good off lead, always staying close and comes when called and always waits at the gate to have her lead put on.

Type of home – A home with experienced owners of large breed dogs and a home that has already has a large breed, friendly dog is what we are looking for for Grace. Her new owners will have to be patient, kind and willing to let Grace settle in her own time. A big garden and access to lots of open spaces and owners who want to cuddle and groom her a lot.

Grace is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in the Vale of Glamorgan.


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