29 September 2022

Wendy *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Wendy D2022-135

  • Resident confident dog
  • Older children who won’t pressure her
  • Not cat tested
  • Patient owners as she is a work in progress

Wendy is a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel who was initially nervous when she arrived in foster but thanks to foster mums hands off approach and the support of her foster brother she has spent her time watching and learning and has settled really well. Wendy’s default defence since she has been in foster is to hide away is unsure or scared.

Wendy enjoys her food at meal times but especially loves treat-time and now sits patiently in front of foster mum and takes food very gently. She has a soft mouth, and if she is excited by the smell of something new and will sniff foster brothers mouth first to ensure its palatable and then does helicopters with her tail which is her way of saying ‘yes please’! She is very curious with her mouth and uses this to test things around her. She is definitely not showing any destructive behaviours – there is no anxiety associated with her nibbling, she has never trashed anything and she is merely inquisitive and quickly bored with her new finds. But to be on the safe side I wouldn’t leave a £10 note around, or a favourite book or sweater.

Wendy’s nose is her super-power and her reach can stretch to the edge of a counter top. She currently has a terrible habit of bin diving so new owners will need to make sure that bins will need to be out of the way or covered in her forever home.

Wendy has very poor associations with being on-lead, and although she is fairly passive when her harness is put on, she can’t cope with any tension on the lead at all, and automatically moves against it.  She has been to a secure field and she loved snuffling around but made no attempt to join in with foster brothers frolicking. She did however clearly love the freedom to do her own thing, to potter and sniff and explore her surroundings.

Wendy has only met people in our household and is now pretty relaxed around foster mums family but they do take great pains not to surprise her, to make sure she always has room to pass safely, and all interactions are initiated by her. She has gained a good level of trust remarkably quickly.

Wendy has not met any children.

Not cat or small furry tested.

Wendy has been totally clean in the house with no toileting accidents. She doesn’t ask to go out but she doesn’t need to as she has free and open access to the garden at all times. She has been left for short periods on her own with free range of the lounge and kitchen and appears to be perfectly happy in her own company.

She has a number of dog beds in the lounge but her preferred spot is in the kitchen in a covered crate. She is encouraged to make more use of the lounge and dining room by closing her crate door in the afternoons and spreading her blankie just outside the crate and generally during the day she will settle herself on her blankie or in the lounge on one of the beds. She comes into the lounge most evenings and settle on one of the dog beds nearest the kitchen door, and after last toilet break of the evening she will take herself to bed in her crate and we don’t hear a peep from her until the household wakens up next morning.

Wendy’s people would ideally be experienced and laid-back pet owners for whom having a new family member isn’t a novelty. If they expect her to trust them immediately, they will be disappointed, and if they expect affection from her by day 3 they are unlikely to get it. Wendy likes to take things at her own pace, she likes to work things out for herself, so patience is paramount and her new people should be thinking of the future to see her at her best. She will need a confident resident dog to help her adjust and learn.

Wendy would be perfectly content to live a quiet life, with gentle human company and a genteel and leisurely lifestyle. But equally I believe with lots of time and patience she could continue to progress to a point where she could totally put her past behind her and make up for her lost puppyhood, take up new hobbies and live a very full and active life in years to come.


1st vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormed

Fostered in Penarth area of South Wales

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance