27 June 2021

Walter. ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Walter D2021-89





Walter is a 4 year old Shih tzu cross chihuahua that has come from a loving home and is a wonderfully gentle boy. He likes to be in the same room as you even if that means braving the hoover. He enjoys to play with a soft toy and engages well with other dogs. He is very friendly and will confidently trot up to dogs 10 times his size. Walter gets very excited when he sees his lead and really enjoys being sociable on a walk, he is a very considerate boy on the lead

Walter hasn’t reacted to foot traffic passing the house and is extremely quiet and trusting. He will happily be left sleeping on the couch for a few hours. On your return, you’ll be greeted with an enthusiastic tail/bum wag and all the kisses you can handle. He loves attention but isn’t the sort to climb all over you and will happily sit on your lap or next to you. At the moment I think he’s finding laps too warm but in the winter months you might well have a permanent lap dog!

Walter likes to sleep in his fluffy bed at night, which is placed on the floor next to the human bed. He will jump up onto the human bed for a goodnight cuddle and a morning cuddle but seems to prefer his own space for sleeping in between. I don’t think Walter would enjoy sleeping alone, especially as an only dog in the home.

Walter knows commands like sit, stay and is great at walking on the lead. He even knows how to play dead when pointed at with a finger gun! Walter loves people and will confidently trot up to people in the street for a quick hello. He loves to be with you in the house and takes his role as constant companion seriously. However, he can be left for short periods without a fuss.

Walter let me play hairdresser for several hours while he enjoyed the fuss of being groomed. I was able to handle his paws and trim his face without any trouble. He has clearly been loved and treated well and therefore only has trust and love to give in return.

Walter has lived with children and could live with children again. They would need to understand his small size and be gentle with him as he is very gentle himself.

Walter is very sociable and likes other dogs. He has very little fear and is confident in deciding who he talks to and who he doesn’t! Walter would really enjoy having the company of another dog in the home but  has come from a single dog home so would equally be okay as an only dog with lots of human company.

Walter has been reacting to cats on the garden wall by running, jumping and barking. He is not currently homed with cats and I’m not aware of whether he has lived with a cat before.

Walter really enjoys a game of tug-of-war or fetch and jumps about and gets really involved but his interest doesn’t last long and he’ll be soon be back on the couch. He’s a very low maintenance little guy.

Walter loves his food but due to his small size, watching his weight will be very important. He was eating wet food in his previous home but has transitioned to dry food and this has improved his toilet habits. Walter has clearly communicated, to his foster sister, that she is not allowed near his food bowl while he is eating. He did this in a very measured way as a warning and is not considered food aggressive. He would happily let you pick up his food bowl while still eating. However, he will take his chances and has tried to get his head in his foster sister’s bowl when he finishes first!

Walter needs to be let out regularly for toilet breaks and will wake you in the night to ask to be taken to the toilet if he needs to go.

Walter would be happy in any home as long as he receives all of the love and affection that he will so readily return to you, tenfold. He needs a home where there will be someone/dog around the majority of the time, he isn’t used to being left alone for long periods of time.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Cardiff area of South Wales