14 October 2022

Vanellope ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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 Vanellope D2022-128

  • Needs a resident dog of a similar size
  • Older dog savvy children
  • Not cat or small furry tested
  • A work in progress but desperate to be loved

Vanellope is a 4 year old Schnauzer described by her foster mum as a scared little girl who is desperate to love. Being in a home is all new to her and she has taken it all in her stride. She took a few days to have a look around and find the best places to sit and watch and snuggle but has settled well.

Her personal space is very important to her and she will need a space in her forever home from where she can watch to assess things when she is unsure. She’s not bothered by sudden bangs or noise in general and just carries on with whatever she was doing before. She loves to lie under the kitchen table and watch all that is going on. She is rather fond of her donut bed. Her foster parents have never seen any aggression and she is gentle taking treats.

Vanellope sadly lost a front leg due to a freak accident in her foster home but has healed incredibly quickly and the vets have given her the all clear to be adopted.

She has met children and there have been no issues however we would recommend children aged 9 and above.

She is not cat or small furry tested

She has not had any accidents in the home but has had access to the outside through a ‘large cat flap’. She will happily go in and out of this. If none is available, she will need to be let out to toilet.  

Lead training is a work in progress and she is doing well so far. She loves being out and about in a secure field and will given sudden squeals of excitement when walking.

Vanellope will need a very understanding and patient home with another dog of a similar size. She so wants to be just like the other dogs in her home and is learning to trust humans by watching and learning from the others. She loves her treats and is learning quickly.


1st vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Frome

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance