23 October 2019

REHOMED – Trina 4 year old Cavalier

By FOAW staff
trina cavalier 4 years
trina cavalier 4 years
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Name: Trina

Age: 4 years old

Breed: Cavalier King Charles

Can I live with Children: Over 8s

Can I live with cats: Not tested

Can I live with other dogs: Yes a must

Fostered In: Newport, South Wales

Trina is a 4-year old Cavalier who is being fostered in Newport, South Wales. She is a beautiful girl who is desperate to be loved. She is slowly becoming more of a dog now and has started to venture upstairs and jump onto the settee. Trina suffers with suspected IBS and is currently on a bland diet of prescribed food also has mucky ears which will need to be cleaned regularly                                      

People – Trina is brilliant with all children and adults in the home but is petrified of other humans that come into the house. She will shake, hide and wet herself but if left alone will gradually come up to sniff then in her own time. Any children in her new home should be dog savvy and over 8 years.  

Dogs – Trina loves the dogs in her foster home and follows then around constantly. She cwtches up to them at every opportunity and follows them out the garden for toileting. Trina has no spacial awareness when it comes to dogs she likes to try and climb on top of them and find the smallest space to be right by them. Trina would definitely need another laid back dog who could continue to teach her to trust humans and be a dog but who is also laid back enough to let her be herself with her insecurities.

Cats – Not cat tested but she isn’t phased by the rabbit on her foster home.

In the home – It has taken Trina 4 weeks to venture upstairs (3 story house) to be with us in the living room and any sudden noise she will run back downstairs to the safety of the kitchen. Trina sleeps in the kitchen overnight. Trina isn’t destructive at all but she is a hoarder she likes to collect everything in sight whether that be clothes shoes teddies or a hairbrush which she gathers all in her dog bed. Trina isn’t crated. Trina needs some coaxing to eat her meals she is currently on prescribed vet biscuits which are soaked in water due to 3 weeks of upset tummy. Trina doesn’t scrounge for food. Trina doesn’t play with toys but will collect them into a pile. Trina is fine being left on her own and had been left for a few hours with no problems

Out and about – Trina doesn’t go out for walks yet she is really scared of everyday noise and wets herself and trembles when she has a lead or harness on and tries to back out of it and every opportunity. It is very slowly a work in progress.

Type of home – Trina will need a home with another laid back dog, ideally a cavalier, as she seems to love her own breed. She will need a home where the humans are very patient and understand that it could possibly take her weeks to get her confidence but when she learns to trust them they will see a beautiful side to her. Trina can be left for a few hours as long as she has company of another dog, I would recommend children over the age of 8 only as she is such a scared girl and likes minimal noise. In time Trina would also benefit from a slightly active home as she has a lot of energy but also loves to cuddle up as well at every opportunity

Trina is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Newport, South Wales