17 November 2023

Toffee *****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Toffee Apple D2023-155

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Not cat or small furry tested
  • Children 14 and over
  • Quiet home with loving pawrents

Toffee is a 7 year old Mini Schnauzer described by her foster mum as a having a very quiet and gentle personality. She bonds deeply with her person and loves the comfort and reassurance that it brings. She likes to follow foster mum around the house to see what is going on in case she misses out. When she is done with her bodyguard duties, she will take herself off and find a comfy space to recharge her batteries.

Toffee loves to sit with her front paws crossed and will lift her head for a kiss. If she is sitting away from you she very gently moves close to ask for attention. Visitors will initially be greeted with some barking but after a quick check with foster mum that they are allowed in and are nice she stops. She has come a long way since being in rescue, she can be scared and shy at times but with reassurance gets over this quickly.

She has learned to play with toys and likes to play with another dog in the foster home. She is gentle and not at all dominant. Sometimes she will pick up something that isn’t a toy such as socks and looks really proud of herself which is funny.

Toffee is not cat or small furry tested.

She could live with gentle children14 and over. A busy noisy household would not suit her.

She has just started going for small walks and takes courage from the resident dog. This is something her new family will need to work and build on. Watching her grow in confidence in this area brings a lot of joy.

She currently sleeps downstairs with 2 other fur friends but has slept on the bed with foster mum and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

She is well on her way to being fully house trained and this will need to continue in her forever home.

Toffee likes to eat alone , it is easy for other dogs to push her off her food, so for this reason she is feed her food separate. She is also learning what treats are and is thoroughly enjoying this new range of goodies that she has never had before.

Toffee needs a quiet home with a resident dog to show her the ropes. Owners who are around most of the time to offer reassurance and praise as her confidence grows. Watching her grow in confidence as she journeys into her forever home will be very rewarding.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria

Fostered in Blackwood