11 December 2022

Tinsel *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Tinsel D2022-185

  • To be adopted on a neutering and training agreement
  • Needs another playful dog
  • Dog savvy cat
  • Older children
  • A family who are around most of the time and will continue her education
  • Must love cuddling

Tinsel is a 5 month old Dalmatian cross beagle described by her foster mum as a super duper friendly little girl that can be shy at times but soon comes out of her shell and loves everyone she meets. She’s been an absolute joy to have in our home and whoever adopts her will be so very lucky. Despite the breed she is a small girl, not much bigger than a large Jack Russell and isn’t expected to grow to be that big.

She loves her food but takes treats gently and isn’t mean to the other dogs over it.

She is super happy to meet everyone and wants to jump all over you and give kisses. She will have the odd bark if someone knocks on the door but as soon as the doors open she’s jumping up for a fuss. This needs to be worked on so she isn’t so over excited.

She has been great with all the children she has met and is currently in foster with 3 children aged between 7 and 11. She really loves to play and cuddle with them so would love a family home. We would however not recommend she lives with small children dur to her being a bit jumpy.

This week she has been on the school run all this week with her foster mum and it has been the highlight of her day!

She lived with a cat in her previous home but sometimes wanted to play a bit too rough with it. Would possibly be OK with a dog savvy cat who will tell her when she’s being too rough but that would be down her potential owner.

Not tested with small furries but with the beagle breeding this may be an issue.

Has met sheep, horses, cows and peacocks and is more inclined to avoid them than do anything. She is a normal puppy with normal puppy behaviour. She chews the odd thing but is happy to have things removed from her and traded for a more appropriate chew and is learning to ‘drop it’ for a treat.

She has come on in leaps and bounds with her toilet training but her forever family will have to keep this up to ensure she nails it.

She is crate trained but gets upset if she is left alone. She happily sleeps in her crate in foster mums’ room at night, but loves nothing more than curling up in your bed or right next to you on the sofa for snoozy cuddles. She has a degree of separation anxiety and her forever family will have to be dedicated in helping her overcome this, she just loves her humans and doesn’t want to be away from them, but she needs to learn that her humans will always come back.

She walks happily on a lead though can pull a bit at first as she is excited to get out. She has been off lead with other dogs and quickly picked up that if you come back when called you get a fuss and a yummy treat so it wouldn’t take much to solidify a strong recall. Again, it will just take training.

Tinsel would like a family home with lots of people to give her fuss, at first, she’s going to need someone home pretty much all the time or where she can go with you, she doesn’t mind who it is, she just loves her human company. A home that will be dedicated to carrying on training and take her to puppy class to help her grow into the dog we know she can be. She definitely wants to be a sofa dog; I Don’t think she would be happy in the sort of home where she isn’t allowed on furniture or laps etc as she really does enjoy her evening snuggles. A home with another playful dog who can be a friend and example to her.

Neutering agreement

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Warwickshire

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance