2 July 2023

Taco *****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Taco D2023-81

  • Needs another dog or dogs for confident one of a similar size preferably
  • Not cat tested
  • Older sensible teenage children
  • Patient loving owners

Taco is a 7 month old Old English Sheepdog described by his foster mum as a shy, nervous big baby. Where to start with this very gentle giant, Taco has not had the exposure to life a normal puppy should have had and as such is a very quiet worried boy. That said once he gets to know you, he loves following you around.

He likes to be around friends and is slowly gaining confidence from them so a multi dog household would also be perfect. He is mixing with dogs of all sizes and is very gentle with them all but would like a big palymate to follow. His true character is coming out when in the garden with the others. When they run for toys you can clearly see he wants to go too but any sound wind, trees, birds or traffic then he runs straight back to foster mum for reassurance.

Taco is not cat tested and would probably be terrified of them.

Taco is clean in the house as long as you accompany him to the garden. He’s too scared to go on his own and he needs you to hold his paw.

He likes to be around friends so a multi dog household would also be perfect. He is mixing with dogs of all sizes and is very gentle with them all.

Taco currently does not walk on a harness as he is too worried about the big wide world. He needs to bond with his fur family, practice in the garden and then he said he will attempt to go outside. This will come it will just take time and patience and will be so worth while to watch him flourish.  

Taco once he know you and feels safe loves attention. He especially loves being groomed and this is a brilliant way for him to bond with his new family. When you start grooming, he loves nothing more than offering up his belly for rubs.

Taco isn’t food orientated and is slow to learn what treats are but if he sees a natural yogurt pot then you can see a light go on in his eyes and he gets a little excited. The boy loooooooves his yogurt which is sooooo good for him.

He travels well in the car and although nervous at the vets the vet nurses love him and he has tried to be a brave boy.

Taco isn’t playing with toys yet but this will come.

Taco needs a home with at least one other big dog but will also thrive in a pack of dogs. He needs lots of time and love to blossom. The world for him at the moment is a scry place and he will need his new pawrents to advocate for him. It is going to take him time to adjust but he will get there and we can’t wait to see him thrive in the right home.

To be adopted on a neutering agreement

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Cardiff area

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance