Suki – 7 month old Pug x Terrier

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Name: Suki

Age: 7 Months

Breed: Pug X

Can I live with Children?: Older

Can I live with cats?: Yes

Can I live with other dogs?: Yes, a must

Fostered In: RCT South Wales

Suki is a 7-month old Pug cross puppy who is being fostered in RCT, South Wales. She has had a rotten start in life and is having to learn to trust humans all over again.

People – . Suki is currently quite nervous and although she has improved greatly since she arrived she still needs lots of reassurance. She will need someone who can teach her the world can be fun and is happy for her to progress at her own pace.

Dogs –  Suki loves being with the others within the house, she snuggles up with them and would definitely need another dog or two in her new home.  She has not met any outsiders but we are sure she would be fine. She now eats her food in the kitchen with other dogs.

Cats – Suki lives happily with 3 cats

In the home – She’s nervous of sudden movements and will avoid hoover etc but is fine with tv and washing machine noises.  She could live with older sensible children or young adults who understand nervous dogs.  She has been left for short periods but would benefit from her humans being around most of the day. Suki will run around behind you wagging her tail like mad for attention but the second you reach out to her she’s gone. She won’t pass you in a doorway but will now happily jump up alongside you on the sofa and then enjoys a fuss, even nudging you with her nose for more if you stop too soon.

Out and about – Work in progress which her new home will need to work on. She is very nervous so this may be a slow progress and she would ideally need to be walked with another dog in a quiet area.

Type of home – Suki needs a new home with at least one kind resident dog to show her that not all humans are scary. She enjoys playing chase with the other dogs and then snuggling up to them for a nap. She is a really loving girl who just needs that extra bit of time to learn to trust. I’m sure there is a playful pup hidden under all the fear just waiting to come out.

Suki is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment.  Suki does have a slight heart murmur which will need to be checked on her annual booster time, but causes no issues currently. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in RCT, South Wales.

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Update: 05/03/2019 Suki moves to another foster home and her new foster mum comments about her: She’s so very nervous it’s heartbreaking to think of what she’s been through in her short life. She is rather partial to some chicken and cheese, not so fussed on her dried food even when soaked in gravy.

UPDATE 04/02/2019 Suki update my heart breaks she so wants to be your friend but has no courage still will not take any food out of your hand. If she can see you have anything in your hand she is gone. At some stage of her 7 months I know she has been beaten hence no good photos. But on the plus side she loves playing with my other dog’s when she wags her tail her whole body wags. She loves her food and is starting to play with toys or pegs or large stones if she is happy who cares. She sits next to me all night can then do anything with her and she loves it being gromed tickle belly but i can’t stand she makes a run for it. There must be someone to love her like we do.

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