Suki – 7 month old Pug x Terrier

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Name: Suki

Age: 7 Months

Breed: Pug X

Can I live with Children?: Not tested

Can I live with cats?: Yes

Can I live with other dogs?: Yes, a must

Fostered In: Pontypool


Suki update my heart breaks she so wants to be your friend but has no courage still will not take any food out of your hand. If she can see you have anything in your hand she is gone. At some stage of her 7 months I know she has been beaten hence no good photos. But on the plus side she loves playing with my other dog’s when she wags her tail her whole body wags. She loves her food and is starting to play with toys or pegs or large stones if she is happy who cares. She sits next to me all night can then do anything with her and she loves it being gromed tickle belly but i can’t stand she makes a run for it. There must be someone to love her like we do.


Suki is a 7-month old Pug cross puppy who is being fostered in Pontypool, South Wales. She has had a rotten start in life and is having to learn to trust humans all over again.

People – Suki is still very wary of people but she is so happy. We think when she trusts humans she is going to be a fabulous little girl.

Dogs –  Suki loves being with the others within the house.  She has not met any outsiders but we are sure she would be fine. She now eats her food in the kitchen with 3 other dogs.

Cats – Suki lives happily with 3 cats

In the home – She needs another dog for company. She does bark for a while but settles down. She will chew anything when bored e.g. kitchen cupboard door, dog beds, hand bag etc. Her foster mum is leaving chews at moment which helps but Suki needs loads of attention and stimulation. She will now come in and out of the house on her own without running and hiding. She loves sitting in front of the fire in the same room as humans but she won’t sit on the same settee or get particularly close to us. Suki is a blank canvas but is showing signs of being an adorable little girl once she overcomes her fears.

Out and about – Walking on a lead is all new to Suki so this is something a potential adopter will need to work on.

Type of home – Suki needs a family with a dog that likes to play a run around. The family will need to have the patience and time to spend with her. She is still a baby so has lots of time to forget all the bad things and with time and commitment from her people she will become a loving family pet.

Suki is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Pontypool, South Wales.

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