19 January 2024

Sinead *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Sinead -D2024-06

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Fine with cats
  • Children 9 and over
  • Patient owners whilst she decompresses

Curved spine which affects her gait poor skin condition

Sinead is a 3 year old Dachshund who loves being hugged but currently wont approach for attention. She hasn’t had the best experience with people so far but is willing and desperate to be loved. She currently approaches crouched down and will straight away roll on her back and show you her belly. Her tail however is constantly wagging sometimes so hard it bleeds a little she really just wants and gives love.

Medical history to be discussed.

Sinead is shy and scared but extremely loving. She will choose to be asleep huddled under blankets or cushions but is slowly coming out of her shell and is beginning to cheekily hide a sock or slipper. She has now worked out that if she cries someone will carry her and she can bend them to her will and is loving having someone run around after her. Foster mum has now cottoned on to her mind control tricks and is resisting – just!!!!

Sinead ignores the cat.

She could be homed with children over 9 as she would not be able to understand playing.

She is not confident enough to play with other dogs yet but does love to cuddle with other dogs.

She hasn’t been on a lead at all as she is still weary of being outside in case she doesn’t get to go inside again. She is fine wearing a harness and her confidence at finding her new place in the world will come with time and love.

She currently sleeps on foster mum’s bed cuddled up with Foster parents and other dogs.

Toilet training is a work in progress. She knows what she should do but as all daxis she doesn’t like being out in the rain or cold.

Sinead doesn’t like eating around others as she is very submissive. She prefers wet food and does not really eat dry food. Foster mum is trying to combine the dry food with a little wet food and gravy mix.

Sinead needs a quieter home with a resident dog. She is not super active but will enjoy a little pootle we are sure once she finds her paws. She would also prefer someone who is home most of the time.


1 St vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Cardiff

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