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Resident dog of similar size

No children

Shayla is a very sweet 8-Year-old Chi Cross Yorkie who loves nothing more than a cuddle. She is not pushy and waits for permission to jump up either on a lap or the sofa. She is cute both in looks and personality.

A recent health check at the vets discovered that she has a grade 1 heart murmur which is not causing any problems and she was a very good girl at the vets.

Shayla is shy compared to the other resident dogs, but has a lovely unassuming personality. She likes being groomed and the attention this brings.

Shayla is living with 3 other resident dogs and has always lived with dogs of similar size. Shayla needs a home with a resident dog of a similar size. Her house training is a work in progress but Shayla is happy to go outside when encouraged.

She has not currently been on any walks and has been enjoying her time decompressing in the garden in the sun.

Shayla loves company but doesn’t need to be on your lap all the time; she is happy just to be on the sofa close. However, it doesn’t take much encouragement for her to cuddle up. Shayla would probably be best in a home where someone is about most of the day, has a secure garden and no children.

7 year old spayed female

Resident small dog, Not cat tested

No children

Up to date flea, wormer and has been microchipped

She has had first vaccination