11 February 2021

Sean ****ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff
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Playful resident dog

Sensible children 10 and over

Patient owners who re home most of the time

Can live with dog savvy cats

Sean the Schnauzer is a 5 year old ex breeding dog and has not been used to living in a home until the last few weeks with his foster family. He is very shy and when he first came into foster would not move from his crate except to be carried outside for toileting. After a few weeks in his foster home Sean has started to come out of his shell and will move between sofas and approach his foster family for tickles under the chin.

Sean is a wonderful gentle boy and has shown no signs of aggression, he deserves a caring home with someone who will shower him with the attention he has missed in his short life.

Sean is shy around new humans but once he learns to trust he loves to be smoothed. He is getting used to being bathed but will flatten himself on the bottom of the bath until it is over. He likes to be groomed gently.

Sean likes the children in the house, he particularly likes foster Mums 10 year old son and will stand in front of him patiently waiting for attention. He can live with gentle, dog savvy, sensible children 10’years and upwards.

Sean had not been on a walk yet as he is in the process of being harness and lead trained. Foster Mum takes him out to the front garden with the harness and lead on and though he is very interested in the sights and sounds of cars and people he doesn’t understand about walking on the lead and will sit and dig his heels in rather than walk. It may take some time for Sean to learn to walk on the lead, he will need a very patient and loving home to work with him and not expect miracles all at once.

It is important that his new home has a big and secure garden as Sean loves to run around exploring, he really comes out of himself in the garden and shows us a glimpse of the dog he is meant to be.

Sean lives with 3 cats and they are all very comfortable around each other.

Sean is housetrained but has to be carried outside at regular intervals as he doesn’t yet have the confidence to go outside alone. He will bark and walk in circles when he needs to toilet.

Sean is not destructive and does not play with toys. He eats two good meals a day of a mix of wet and dry food, loves a treat of white fish, salmon or chicken a few times a week. Sean had 33 teeth out when he came into rescue and though he is eating dry kibble now he needs plenty of wet food and fresh water.

Sean has been fine left with his foster brother and sister for a couple of hours.

Sean sleeps with his foster brother and sister upstairs but sometimes he likes to chill downstairs and come up later. So owners who will allow him both would be great. He can come upstairs anytime but he does not have the confidence yet to explore the house, this will come in time.

Sean will need full security when learning to walk on the lead, it is imperative that his new owner uses a minimum of 2 leads, a well fitting harness and collar to ensure he does not get scared and escape:

Sean needs a quiet home with someone home most of the day. He must live with at least one other resident dog, preferably a young playful dog who will play with him in the garden and show him how to walk on a lead. Sean can live with sensible, dog savvy, gentle children over 10.


Has had 1st vaccination

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

Sean comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance