28 November 2018

Rehomed Sophie – 6 year old Yorkshire terrier

By FOAW staff

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Sophie has had a busy week,Monday to the vets for vaccination,so a car ride,and a little stop to my mothers, for a visit with her yorkies.
Sophie is slowly coming ,she still becomes skittish if i move to fast,and i found if i dont look at her she will come closer or do little things like clean herself,or eat a treat thats right by her,its have taken until now to get her onto my lap and stay there,she stayed half hour with me stroking her,i found when i took sophie in the car to my mothers if i wrap her in a blanket she just looks at me,its only 2 mins away,i found that Sophie likes my mothers yorkies,and is more out going with them,but will not go outdoors in my mothers,but she will here if i carry her to the door and she is with one or all of my dogs, i am going to start putting her harness on with a light lead,for a little time and take her around the house to rhe back door and take lead off for her to go out,she is good going forward on the lead,but when you put a little pressure to turn or slow down,she bounces around and gets really scared…these little ones just need time,the tiny things like licking your arm, or looking at you,is massive to them.
Sophie has been cut by a groomer that comes parks outside is experianced in cutting scared dogs,she looks so much better …than my attempt,although i did get all the matts …go me….well thats a little update…feeling positive,chilling with all my babysSummary to follow