26 February 2024

Sally ******ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Sally D2024-15

  • To be adopted on a neutering and training agreement
  • Can be an only dog or live with others
  • Older children
  • Not at or small furry tested
  • Active home with knowledge or experience of the breed

Sally is the most beautiful 6 month old springer spaniel described by her foster mum as initially shy on first meetings but soon comes out of her shell when she realises you are a friend or even a friend with food. Sally hasn’t seen a lot of men in her life having been in foster with a strong independent woman with crazy dogs but the more she gets out and about the more she is learning.

Vet history to be discussed

Due to having a rough start Sally is very immature in both body and mind, she is only around 5kg and very much like a 12 week old puppy. She’s super cheeky and bouncy once she knows you and is very much a Velcro dog, she wants to be where you are and would spend all day around your neck like a scarf if she could.

Due to being a baby she is still all bouncy and nippy but she is not a chewer, nevertheless she is partial to a stolen sock!

Untested with cats or small furries.

Sally is great with kids but we would recommend older children as she is still very jumpy and nippy

She is very good with foster mums crazy labradors but not overly interested in playing. She is more a people dog. Due to her rough start and needing to be healthy she has only just started getting out and about and is quite shy with meeting dogs but this will improve with socialisation and puppy classes.

She is happy to have a harness and lead on and is getting better and not wrapping you up with the lead when out and about. She has been off lead in a secure field and her recall was excellent.

Saly sleeps downstairs in her crate, once she can’t see you she settles to sleep but is unsettled if she can see you, she has also slept upstairs with my foster mums daughter and was also fine.

House training is a work in progress as her little brain cells catch up.

She is fed in her crate as she is a hoover and given the chance would eat her own food and everyone else’s but there has been no possessiveness around food.

Sally is a very busy dog and will need a family experienced with spaniels or one who can show they’ve done appropriate research into the breed. She will need a home that will be dedicated to keeping her active in both body and mind and would greatly benefit from puppy classes. She would happily be an only dog or live with other dogs who would be tolerant of a bouncy baby. The world is Sallys oyster she is young enough to learn and is very much a fun dog.

Neutering and training agreement

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Warwickshire

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance