Rufus – age tbc – Jack Russell cross

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Can you all keep our little Rufus in mind if you hear of someone looking for an only dog. He isn’t on the page for adoption yet as he is a little bit special.

Rufus came to us from another rescue who had taken him from a national rescue centre as due for euthanasia because of aggression.

Sadly he didn’t get on with their fosterers big dogs so in a moment of weakness I agreed to take him.

I was told that he could only walk on a slip lead as he freaked if you tried to put a collar on him. His fosterer had taken him in to Pets At Home and decided to buy him one and had been bitten.

What I was told was correct. He had a terror of collars or anything around his neck or body and it’s likely he has been abused in some way.
With months of work he now wears a collar and a harness. When out on walks with dog walkers he is a total angel. He is a perfect gent. In the house he is beautifully behaved although a bit of a scent marker. Care still has to be taken putting his harness on or picking him up but if you take time and let him know what’s happening he is fine.

The problem he has is he doesn’t want to share his human. Bliss to him is being next to you or on a lap and being the only one. He is a little chi x and is only six so is still work in progress. He has travelled miles along his road of rehab here but he struggles with new dogs arriving because he feels they are getting attention he should have. Please keep him in mind. I would love him to have a home with an adult or two(not children) who would give him time to become the dog he should have been.

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