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Name: Roxy

Age: 2 years old

Breed: Schnauzer cross.

Fostered in: South Wales

Health conditions: None

Roxy is a lovely girl. Young and energetic she loves attention and loves to play ball. She can be excitable at food times and walk times, but responds very well to a calm, firm voice. She is very affectionate and demands a lot of affection from her human. She is most happy sitting on a lap with her paws on your chest, staring into your eyes

People: Roxy is a feisty girl. She craves attention from her foster mum but isn’t very keen on foster dad, but this is improving every day. She is very wary of foster dads’ feet and hands – jumping backwards if he gets too near too quickly. She won’t walk beside him and won’t accept petting from him unless he’s sitting down, and then only her terms. This will need plenty of time and patience from any potential home.

Can live with children: Roxy is energetic and feisty. She can be mouthy so older active children would be best or an adult only household.

Can live with dogs: She doesn’t like the other dogs getting close to me. She gets very excitable and will physically push them away using herself as a shield between them and me. We are working hard to remedy this.
She is learning to play with the other dogs but is very obviously not used to being with other dogs.
Her foster Brother loves her but it’s not really reciprocated. She will always choose her foster Mum as her companion over the other dogs, but she’s learning to cooperate more. She is not aggressive in any way towards other dogs either inside or outside our home environment.

Can live with cats: Roxy is ok with our dog savvy cat but can’t resist chasing him. He will tell her off as necessary.

Out and about: Roxy walks well on a lead and is ok off lead in a secure area. Her recall is getting better. She travels well in the car.

In the home: Roxy is clean in the house. No accidents at all since coming to us.
She likes her own space so sleeps in her own crate overnight, with her own blanket and toys. During the day she will sleep on a sofa and in her basket – sometimes letting the other dogs share with her if they climb in, but she will seldom choose to get and occupied basket herself. She needs lots of exercise and lots of brain work. She loves a ball and loves destroying soft toys. She doesn’t destroy anything else and learns very quickly. Her favourite game is tug.
She loves her food now that she is on raw. She has shed weight and now has a beautiful shape; she is graceful on her feet now she is carrying less weight.
Due to lockdown Roxy has not been left alone.

Type of home: At the moment we feel she would thrive as an only dog, but given plenty of time she will adapt to live with other dogs and learn to share her humans.
She’s a beautiful girl and an absolute delight to have around.

Roxy is not neutered or vaccinated at the moment due to restrictions within our vets, once these have been lifted all these will be completed.

Potential adopters would be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.