27 July 2023

Rolo *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Rolo D2023-102

  • Needs a sensible resident dog
  • No cats
  • Older children
  • Special family who will help him with his super power

Rolo is a very very special 8 month old deaf standard dachshund. It has only recently been confirmed that he is deaf and explains some of his behaviours. He is described by his foster mum as good with people he knows but will bark if he isn’t aware that new people have come near him or have magically appeared in a room.

Now he is secure in his environment his personality is coming out he is very cuddly and bouncy he loves the bathroom bins, and his biggest treasure is slippers or the toilet roll inner card. He loves toys and playing with the resident dog and will wander in with sticks to destroy like it’s the happiest thing in the world.

He barks at other dogs outside and new people because of the deafness once he feels comfortable, he calms.

Once he is used to another dog he is great and needs another dog in the house to take cues from as to noises around him and help him feel safe.

He is not good with cats and will chase as he is unable to read and hear the cats’ warnings.

He can be homed with older dog savvy children who will understand how special he is.

When out he will always need to be on a lead unless a secure field as he will be unable to hear recall.

He currently sleeps on foster mums’ bed with the other dogs. He likes to be around humans for reassurance.

House training is a work in progress whist he is learning sign language and this will need to be continued in his forever home.

He eats well with other dogs and does not grab.

Rolo is still young so an active family would be good with at least one other dog. He is going to need ongoing support with his deafness and need his pawrents to be his ears to keep him safe. He is such a loving and special little man that he is well worth the extra effort. His special needs just makes him extras special.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Cardiff