7 July 2021

Rocky ****ADOPTED****

By Emma

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Rocky D2021-95





Rocky is a 7 year old Chihuahua described by his mum as an independent middle aged man who adores a lap and a soft blanket. He will take a couple of weeks to settle in any new home, but when you have his trust, he is the most loyal, affectionate and playful boy. His foster Mum says that he makes her smile daily with his big personality.

It will be important for Rocky to understand his place in your home, so setting boundaries and rules straight away will be critical. This works both ways. Listen to Rocky as he will clearly communicate his boundaries with you. After a few days of consistent repetition of your boundaries, he will happily follow them.

Rocky’s rules are as follows:
If you sit, your lap is fair game.
Being dressed in dog clothes is not appreciated.
I will guard you, always.
Visitors will be initiated slowly and must also understand that sitting is an invitation but Rocky still reserves the right to bark at them when they get up and leave.
Daily walks are appreciated but it’s a pass if it’s heavy rain/big weather!
Eating in a safe place (on a chair, while others are on the floor) is appreciated when eating around other dogs.

Rocky has no known health issues.

Rocky takes time to trust new people. He will build a strong bond with you but this may take a few months. When he trusts you, he loves to be held like a baby and receive tummy rubs in your arms. He will sleep under the bed covers without you knowing that’s he’s even there. You will be greeted with the biggest toothy grin and bum waggle motion at every opportunity. You will become his playmate and he will hop towards you in a cheeky fashion, bouncing around.

When you have visitors, it will be important to set clear boundaries and routines to train Rocky how to behave. He will bark at visitors, do not pick him up in this situation. Try to designate an area for Rocky to wait while guests enter so that he cannot run to greet the visitor uncontrolled. He is very responsive and you can manoeuvre him by walking towards him (use your body) to position him in the same spot/area each time. When you return with a visitor, encourage him to come to you, by the visitor, and give him attention and confidence to say hi to the visitor. Treats always help! However, you may find better ways to set rules for him as you learn about each other in your home or if you have chihuahua experience already!

Rocky would happily live with children 14 and over who understand his size and rules.

Rocky could live with dog savvy cats.

Rocky can be left for several hours and will happily sleep on the couch.
Currently, Rocky is separated from the kitchen and upstairs by a baby gate. He is happy to wait in the lounge while his foster Mum goes about her business in the house. He enjoys a blanket to tunnel under and snooze the day away wrapped up like a burrito!

Rocky likes to sleep in bed with his human. You may be able to transition him to a dog bed, within the bedroom, or with other dogs in another room. This may take a few weeks for him to accept but as long as he has company and a blanket, he will settle.
Rocky is great company for his foster Mum and (unless someone knocks the door!) he will sleep and play the day away.
He likes to mark in the house, especially if there is a change i.e new dog or something to make him feel unsure. He will go to the toilet outside as normal but will need consistent training to stop marking.

Rocky is great out on walks and trots proudly at your side. He loves to stop and sniff/mark everything. He will try to guard you from people and dogs that he finds intimidating, so will need someone willing to continue his training to help him become more secure. He likes to say hi to lots of dogs and is more confident approaching dogs than he is people.

Rocky could live with anyone who is willing to take the time to understand and listen to him. He is the most affectionate, funny little guy who would bring joy to anyone who will give him the time he needs to create a strong bond. He would happily live with another dog; if a medium/large breed they would need to be gentle, if a small breed they need to be slightly independent and not likely to take offence to his vocal nature.

Neutered Male

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Barry area of South Wales

Rocky comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

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