7 July 2021


By Emma
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Rocky  D2021-95 






Rocky is a 4 year old Chihuahua that is super gentle and would live on your lap if he could this even extends to him trying to get into the bath with you! He is a complete love bug. He went to work with his previous owner so is used to a strong bond. We have been working on his independence and he is currently kept in the lounge by a baby gate where he has learnt to wait quietly for foster mum when she is busy around the house. However, if he feels you are taking too long to come back and say hi he will start to make a high pitched moaning noise. You can leave him for  a few minutes and he will act like you’ve been gone hours on your return.

Rocky isn’t particularly vocal in terms of barking but he will bark and play guard-dog when there is a knock at the door or new visitor to the house. He is confident standing up for himself but isn’t aggressive. He will issue warnings when he is feeling unsure, with a little growl and instead of picking him up in these situations or touching him straight away, I sit on the floor/couch and ask him to come to me and will give tickles until he’s forgotten why he was unsure. He really responds to attention and talking in a happy voice.

Rocky is shy on meeting new people, especially men but if the new person/s don’t act too interested until Rocky has completed his sniff assessment, he soon warms up and will plonk himself on their lap in no time. He is independent and like most small dogs he does not like to be ambushed/picked up without his consent.  When you have his trust he loves being held and will roll on his back in your arms for full on tummy tickles. He is very communicative and has a distinct happy sound and a clear warning sound. If you treat him like you would a big dog with the added bonus of enjoying the times that he asks to be picked up (as they happen frequently) he will continue to be a lovely gentle boy.

As he is aware of his size, he likes to be up high to feel safe in certain situations. For example; he likes to eat his food on the table so that he’s confident he won’t get another dogs snout in his bowl! Rocky doesn’t bark at you to get attention, if he is hungry he will go over to his bowl and pick it up/try and drag it towards you. He will let you pick up his bowl while eating and isn’t considered food aggressive. He will politely watch you eat and has great table manners.

Rocky loves to say hi to other dogs when out walking and will confidently choose who he will trot past and who he will sniff. He will try and claim you by sitting on your lap in the house and growling if another dog comes near. In these situations, he has been removed from my lap and placed on the same level as the other dog, whether that be on the couch or floor. He has stopped trying to claim me and has built up a lovely friendship with the other foster dog in the home. They have started engaging in play and Rocky has shown that he really enjoys this. He is such a wonderfully responsive boy and living with another dog would benefit his chihuahua personality and it will prevent him from having sole attention which will help prevent his claiming/protective behaviour.

He has come from a home with multiple dogs but due to his size he would not be suitable to live with a dog too much bigger than himself or puppies that have a boisterous or very physical style of play. He does however love a gentle giant so the size of the other dog doesn’t seem to bother him. Due to Rocky’s tiny size he would be best placed with children over 14 or in an adult only home.

Rocky is great on walks and will confidently greet other dogs. He does get nervous at busy roads or crossing roads and prefers to be carried past these sections. He is a master at balancing snug under your arm with his front legs holding your forearm. At first he will pull on the lead and enjoys sniffing and marking but settles down quickly and rarely goes a whole walk without asking to be picked up. He does this by bopping his nose on your leg and standing next to you patiently waiting. Rocky enjoys a soft toy and gets excited if you play with him.

Rocky needs someone who will allow him to sleep in their bed as he likes to sleep on a pillow or under the covers next to your leg. He is a Velcro boy and cuddling in bed is his favourite activity. He doesn’t mind you moving about and will get himself comfy again when you settle.

Rocky’s house training is a work in progress and will mark table legs/chair legs and door frames. Rocky has only recently been neutered and this may change as his hormones settle.

Neutered male

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Barry, South Wales

Rocky will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance


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