29 July 2021

Primrose ****ADOPTED****

By Emma

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Primrose D2021-07






Princess Primmy is a 10 year old Maltese described by her foster mum as a quiet loving little girl who loves to be near you and will become your little shadow. She isn’t scared of much and is not a barker either. She has the cutest face and her little tongue hangs out of her mouth when she sleeps or when she’s excited and she always looks happy to see you! She loves cheese and anyone who loves cheese will know that it ain’t easy being cheesy!! When she trusts you and is settled, she likes you to tickle her tummy and will roll over, and she picks up her front paws to be picked up onto the sofa for a snooze

Prim has stage 2 leaky heart valve which requires ongoing medication to be given twice a day. She also has very few teeth so will need soft food or biscuits soaked in water. Prim tilts her head back when she is unsettled and I think this is due to anxiety and is a self-soothing mechanism which has got less frequent. She also licks her paws at night time which I also believe is a self soothe mechanism.

Prim has been a loving friendly little girl. At first, she was very timid and shaky but now she doesn’t shake at all unless put into a new situation. This will be expected when she goes to her new home but it will settle. She follows you everywhere. If you leave the room, she will follow you. She is not a typical lap dog; she likes to be near you but does not try to climb on your lap yet, but I think it won’t be long before she does. She greets you when you come home and likes to be smoothed. She jumps up on you with her two front paws for a fuss. She cowers when approached quickly or from high above her but she has never shown any aggression only timidness. She likes to be stroked under the chin. She has had two baths since her time here and was fine so I can’t see her being bothered by grooming at all. She likes to be in the same room as you and will howl sometimes if she is not with you and this howl sounds like a baby cow mooing! Prim likes to be picked up and put on the bed or sofa. She can jump up but due to her size she can’t do this effortlessly so is currently picked up. She will also settle on the floor.

Prim has not been around children but I think she would be fine around older children who are not loud and busy and understand that she’s a small timid dog and they need to be gentle.

Prim is currently living with a resident male Cavachon and follows him from room to room or out the garden. She likes to know he is close but she doesn’t need to be next to him or cuddle up to him, they sleep at opposite ends of the room. She has little motivation for food and so guarding or food aggression is no problem and she has been placid around him, except for when he’s startled her during a deep sleep and she’s given a growl but who likes to be woken from a deep slumber?

Prim has not been tested with cats or small furries.

Prim has had some accidents during her stay but these have been due to confusion. This is improving and has got less and less so just needs patience while she’s settling. I have introduced crate training to combat the accidents as she doesn’t seem to understand holding it in when you leave the house yet. She sleeps on a cuddly blanket on the floor next to the human bed and sleeps for 7-8 hours with no toilet accidents but I know she would love to sleep on the bed if allowed. She does wake up and have a quiet nose around in the night but this is getting less and less. She scratches at the bedroom door to let you know when she wants to get up but after a wee and poop will happily go back to bed for a snooze.

She has shown no interest in toys and has not been destructive in any way. She is not yappy in the slightest and only barks when my dog barks. She has been put in the crate numerous times with no fuss. With another dog I think she can be left fine for a few hours but alone. She is not motivated by food and is not food agressive, she is a moderate eater but loves sausages and cheese! She does not snatch and eats slowly. She loves the garden and likes to go in and out of the garden all day if the sun is shining! She likes to bask in the sun and is a real sun worshipper. She is not scared of household noises like the hoover or hair dryer.

Prim walks well on the lead but is a little bit nervous and due to her size and short legs has only been walked for 15 minutes at a time. I think she would prefer shorter walks more often rather than longer walks. She gets excited to leave the house and bites at the lead before you leave. She stays close her foster brother when she goes out but gets a bit distressed when you stop, she is a power Walker! She has been twice to the vets and has been fine although she does shake due to being nervous but is good as gold. She has been in the car and although she shakes, she sits still when secured and this will probably improve the more, she knows she is going fun places. She likes you to sing her a good song on the car journey and she doesn’t mind how bad your voice is!

Prim will make someone a lovely loyal snuggly companion and I think she would suit someone who is home a lot of the time. She loves to be near you and she likes to sprawl out on the bed or sofa and her back legs stick out behind her or hang over the edge of the sofa. She does not require a lot of exercise and I think a quiet home preferably with a furry friend where she can live out her retirement would be best for her.


Microchipped, vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in

Prim comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance