3 November 2023

Precious *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Precious D2023-148

  • Can be an only dog
  • Can live with other placid dogs
  • Secure house and garden
  • Responsible family willing to work with her needs

Precious is exactly the right name for this big mixed breed princess. She is 3 years old and currently weighs 24KG. She is deaf and partially sighted only seeing light and dark, she is aware of movement and seems to recognise the human shape. Despite this she excellent in all ways.

Precious is very good with people in the home and out on walks. Obviously with her limited sight we make sure people approach in a sensible manner. She is very friendly and everyone who meets her falls in love. If she particularly likes someone she likes to lean into them for a fuss.

She is very independent and happily takes herself round the house. She doesn’t really play yet, although she is showing more signs of wanting to as she becomes more settled and confident. She would pinch food if left within her reach and having been a stray she is efficient in opening plastic bin bags and getting into bags / boxes if she can smell food. She’s not naughty, but rather an opportunist!

She goes to the door when she needs to go out. She comes for her food. She works her way round all of the dog beds seeing which is best but has decided the sofa is the most comfortable. She copes well with obstacles in the house.

She is currently unsure in the car and this is being worked on. She is not cat or small furry tested. She doesn’t chase the squirrels, but it’s unclear if she can see them. Because she is totally deaf and partially sighted, we wouldn’t recommend young children. Older (perhaps 11+) dog savvy children should be OK.

She is happy to have her harness put on and walks well on a lead. If she wants to go in a different direction she will pull a little on the lead, but is easy to redirect. The only time she does pull is if there is another dog running around, she can see the movement and is quite excited.

She currently sleeps downstairs and after a period of her learning where things were and making sure she was clean she now has free roam and finds the chairs and carpets comfy to sleep on.

Precious needs a very secure house and garden. She absolutely cannot hear and her sight is limited, so if she got out it would be very difficult to get her back. She learns very quickly where the doors / gates/ exits are and is very quick to go through if she wants to. Because she cannot go off lead when out on walks she would appreciate a large secure garden. She loves exploring the garden and running round. Members of the household would need to be responsible about not leaving external doors / gates open. She could be an only dog, she loves a lot of attention. Or in a home with other friendly dogs. Precious can’t see to read body language or hear to hear warning growls, so any other dog in the house would have to be gentle and laid back. All in all she is a delightful dog and, providing you understand her hearing /sight limitations and are prepared to work with her you will find Precious an asset to your family and a joy to live with.


Vaccinated, chipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Malvern, Worcester