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No Children

Quiet home with owners around most of the time

Only dog or resident dog of a similar size

Poppi is a 10 year old small Yorkshire terrier who’s favourite things are short walks and cuddles with her human. She is a very sociable little girl and follows you everywhere. She likes to sleep on or by your side when on the sofa. She can get a little bit grumpy if she has to be moved when on the sofa and has a little moan, but soon comes round.

She had some skin issues when she first came into foster which resulted in the loss of some of her fur, especially on her belly but since treatment with medicated baths and antibiotics her skin is improving and her fur is slowly growing back. She will however need a grain free diet going forward to keep her in tip top condition.

Poppi is a very sociable little girl and likes to follows her human everywhere.

She is happy to have a bath and enjoys a nice cuddle to dry off in her towel.

Poppi likes other dogs when out on a walk, but can be a little grumpy if you wake her from her afternoon nap to go. She needs a “Do not disturb sign for her bedside”. She also likes to play out in the garden after her nanna nap where she enjoys interacting with her foster brother. Poppi could be an only dog as long as her human is home for most of the time or with a resident dog of a similar size.

She has not been assessed with cats but she is interested & inquisitive with the chickens in the garden, but no longer bothers them.

Poppi likes a safe place to retreat to and returns to her crate if she feels anxious. She likes to sleep in her crate by night but sleep on the sofa during the day. She does not interact with toys at the moment but is still learning new things around her. Poppi loves her food and has three small meals a day she is not food aggressive and has no guarding issues.

Poppi’s toilet training is a work in progress which she is learning quickly but is frightened of the dark and hates the rain and will try and avoid going out for her last toilet before bed if she can. This is being worked on.

Poppi walks well on her lead initially pulling as she is exited to go but soon settles. The pads of her feet can be sensitive and sometimes she will lift her foot if they are sore. She likes to have an intermittent walk and carry when out and about and she is small and light so is easy to carry. She travels in a canvas crate with no anxiety in the car and is well behaved at the vets.

Poppi would benefit from a calm household with an owner who is home most of the time to provide cuddles and be her pillow to sleep on. Someone who understands that she is a special little lady and needs to be treated as a princess in her twilight years.


She has had 1st vaccination

She is microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales, Cardiff area

Poppi comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.