27 November 2018

Poe – 8 month old Bichon Frise

By FOAW staff
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Update: I’ve had a busy day in the garden!
I fell in the pond because I’ve never seen one before, and Sha took the cover off to clean it! I was chasing the cat and I didn’t realise I couldn’t walk on water.
I shook myself off and I think Joey may have laughed at me!
I didn’t care though – the sun was shining and I love the garden so much I never want to go back inside – unless I get scared – then I run as fast as I can to get into the house!
I’m really good at steps now too – even though I had no idea how to get up or down them a few weeks ago!
Nige cut all the laws today – I’d never seen a lawnmower until today, but I wasn’t bothered a bit.
Spike and Joey had chicken feet this afternoon for their snack, I wanted one but I couldn’t eat it in the garden, I don’t like being still for very long when I’m outside – so Sha put one in the igloo and I had a quiet chew for half an hour.
I’m pretty exhausted now, too tired to play even, but I’ve got my purple velvet cushion – I LOVE velvet cushions – this one is huge – but I’m not sharing with Joey tonight – or Spike! I’m having it all to myself!

Update 11/3/2019: Today we are having a good day. I was allowed to catch him, stroke him, get a jumper on him and take him up the garden to play 😀
10 mins and he is shattered as he has no stamina and no muscle mass 😥but we are increasing play times by a few minutes each session

Update as of 1st December: Trying to get Poe to relax a little. This little boy is scared of every little noise. He spends all his time in his dog bed or running from every little movement and sound.
Just had to wash him as he dirties his self with fright, so put him with Patsy and Krissi as they cuddle some times when Patsy lumps herself on gentle Krissi.


Meet the very scared little Poe. He is not used to living in a home or being around humans. Currently in foster in Wales being assessed.

At this time we feel he would be better off in a multi dog household with no pressure from humans on how to behave. No children home as he would find them to scary.

Watch this space