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Paddy is a fabulous boy and is quite the ladies’ man. He has clearly been spoilt rotten by females in his previous life and expects to be the only feline man in your life in his new home. Paddy is around 9 years old and is just adorable. He is fine with dogs but gets jealous of other cats showing his human affection. He needs a home where his new owner is around for most of the day, otherwise he will tell you when you come home how much he missed you. Paddy is the perfect partner and he likes to hear all about your day when you have been apart as he understands that you may have to leave him when you go out to buy his food and treats. He also loves to snuggle on the sofa with you to watch films or read a book he’s very accommodating like that.

Neutered male

9 Years Old

Only cat, older children and good with dogs

Prefer owner to be at home most of the time

Microchipped, vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer