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Nia is a stunning 16 month old long haired cat. Even though she is still an older kitten herself she has sadly already had a litter of kittens and experienced a really tough labour. Nia has now been spayed and thankfully she won’t have to experience such an ordeal again.

Before coming into rescue it is likely that Nia didn’t have the kindest of lives and this has meant that she doesn’t trust or allow handling easily. Nia’s family would have to understand that she would need her space to settle in and gain her trust.

During the day she prefers to hide away, but at night her Foster Mother describes how she comes alive. She loves tearing around he house at night playing with her Foster sister Anna.

Nia loves the company of cats, especially those who like playing. She is likely to be unsettled by smaller children but would be ok with calm animal savvy older children. She hasn’t been dog tested.

Our adoption fee is £50 for one cat or £90 for two. All our cats are spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and come with a full health check.

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