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Mya and Rubybell

Mya and Rubybell are now around 10 months old and these lovely girls are now ready for their next adventure. They may be separated for the right home as they have grown more independent of each other as their confidence has grown.

Mya is described by her foster mum as being calm, loving, very cuddly, super soft with an open interested face. Her sister Rubybell is very alert and thoughtful, fascinated by everything going on around her and so intelligent. They both have amazing long tails and look right into your eyes. They are a delight and enormously lovable. Someone lucky is going to have the most wonderful companions

Both Mya and Rubybell are very gentle. They are great with even young children and good with cat savvy dogs.


Could be seperated

Good with cat savvy dogs

10 months old

Good with other calm cats.


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