16 July 2021

Moss ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Moss D2021-101






Moss is a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel who is described by her foster mum as the soppiest, softest girl who adores attention. Living in a home is new to Moss but she has bravely embraced this new life and is such a good girl. She’s happy to be left without fuss or noise, for a few hours. She likes to snuggle up to the other dogs when humans aren’t around. But if it’s a choice, she’s a people person! This girl never stops wagging her tail, she is just so happy to have company and a cosy couch.

Moss is a delight to groom as she has the softest coat and thoroughly enjoys the attention. She is happy to have her feet groomed and ears cleaned without fuss.

She can be shy on meeting new people and will slowly and tentatively greet them in the hope of attention. As soon as they give her attention, she relaxes but will keep an eye on their movements. Quick movements can scare her but she recovers quickly and her general trust is growing stronger daily.

Moss hasn’t been tested with children whilst in her foster home and may struggle with the unpredictability of younger children’s quick movements and loud noises. However, her soft personality would suggest she’d be great with children aged 12 and over that can understand her gentle character.

Moss loves the comfort and support of another dog in the home. She likes to snuggle up to a doggy friend when left alone. Moss is currently in foster with a chihuahua with a big personality and this hasn’t phased her in the slightest. She isn’t aggressive and even when he tells her off, she wags her tail and lets him have his moment. Moss would like a home that has a gentle and calm resident dog to provide comfort and show her the way.

Moss hasn’t been cat tested but is very gentle with a chihuahua boy.

Moss is a quiet girl in the home, happiest when in the same room as her person/s. She is currently sleeping in a dog bed next to the human bed but enjoys cuddles in bed, so much so it can take some time to encourage her to sleep a whole night in her own bed. Moss would be fine left sleeping with a resident dog, in another room from her person/s but she wouldn’t cope well with sleeping alone.

Moss really enjoys her food and rushes through it to try and dip her nose in her foster sister’s bowl. She isn’t food aggressive but she does take any opportunity to sneak that nose in.

Moss hasn’t shown an interest in toys yet but if encouraged, her playful side may appear when she’s feeling settled and confident in her situation.

Moss is nearly toilet trained but isn’t great at telling you when she needs to go. If she has a way out she will choose to go to the toilet outside. In the night Moss goes to the toilet on puppy pads. Toilet training will need to continue in her new home. Moss is very timid when leaving the house for vet visits. She has no experience walking on a lead or of the outside world and will need someone who has the time and patience to very slowly introduce her to the world. She is interested in everything and gets great confidence from being with her person so I imagine she will really enjoy exploring/walks. Moss was such a good girl in the vets. She was very scared but showed no signs of aggression.

Moss needs a home with a gentle, calm resident dog to guide her and provide comfort. She would like an owner who is around for most of the time and wouldn’t cope being left for long periods. She is such a wonderful girl who is a massive softy. She loves sleeping deeply on the couch for hours and frequently dreams, making sounds and movements. She would be a great addition to any family.

Neutered female

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Barry area of South Wales

Moss comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance