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Reference no: D2020 110

Name: Moana

Age: Approx. 9 years

Breed: Cavachon

Fostered in: South Wales

Health Conditions: Moana has serious tooth decay and gum disease. She is awaiting surgery to remove the worse affected teeth. On arrival she had two very badly infected ears but has received treatment and they appear to be responding well to it.

Moana is a very gentle old lady. She has been quite traumatised by her previous experiences but is learning to trust humans. She has been keeping herself in a crate with the door open as she feels safe in there but is now venturing out to explore the new world, she finds herself in. She loves other dogs but only to greet them initially then has very little to do with them. She is living happily alongside two male Cavachon’s in her foster home. She needs patience and love to be allowed to develop at her pace. She has now built up the courage to seek affection independently and has come onto my lap for the first time in two weeks being here. Any attempts to handle Moana result in her adopting a frozen position caused by fear and anxiety of what will happen next. However, as soon as she realises she’s not going to be hurt she will relax and enjoy some physical contact

People: Moana is very scared of humans. She will watch every movement with caution until she gets used to you. She reacts well to soothing words and a low, quiet voice approach, dropping her ears and wagging her tail.

Can live with children: Moana will need a home where there are older children who can understand her needs better.

Can live with cats: Has not been tested with cats or small furry animals.

Can live with other dogs: Moana lives with two male dogs of the same breed at her foster home. She has little direct intervention with them at present but has begun to interact with a few playful bows and join in with running around the garden. She has met other dogs and was very interested and friendly especially with other females. Moana will need to be rehomed with at least one other dog.

In the home: Moana has adjusted well to being in the home environment. House training is a work in progress, but she is doing really well but will have the odd accident inside if she realises it’s raining. accidents are more likely. Moana sleeps in a dog bed next to my bed. She is happy doing so. She will use her crate in the lounge with the door open, so she is free to come and go as she pleases. Moana requires a lot of patience and understanding her needs. Moana has been left with the other dogs and will follow them in sitting and waiting at the door for my return. On returning she gets very excited to greet her foster mum. On occasion she will await her greeting in her crate.

Out and about: Moana has only been out in a dog buggy as her Vaccinations are not completed. Initially she was extremely nervous being outside but with gradual introduction and gentle encouragement, has improved greatly. She now appears to enjoy the outside environment showing interest in the sights, sounds and smells around her. Moana’s fear of people results in her freezing when handled, resulting in her allowing you to do most anything to her regarding treatment and investigations at the Vets.

Type off home: Moana will need a very patient, understanding and loving home. She
is a very dear, gentle older lady who deserves to enjoy her remaining life feeling safe and secure. She will require time to adjust to her new surroundings and will need to be allowed to progress at her rate. She would enjoy being a lap dog Moana just needs to be loved and treated with the respect, dignity and understanding she deserves. She will need at least one resident dog in her new home to help her continue to grow in confidence and personality.

Moana is up to date with her flea and worming treatment and has had first vaccination. She is currently awaiting neutering and second vaccination.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.

Due to Covid19 lock down restrictions, we are only accepting local re homing applications.

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