21 August 2021

Misty ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Misty D2021-99






Misty is a 5 year old cocker spaniel with a massive soppy side. She likes to walk around holding a toy and wagging her tail as you comment on how nice her toy is. She has had a hard life and this shows from her shy reserved nature. She is starting to come out of her shell in her foster home and enjoys lots of tickles but this is a slow process for Misty. The progress she has made is amazing going from constantly hiding to happily sitting on her bed and walking around the garden. In a new home she is likely to go backwards again before she will continue to go forwards. She will need time to settle and a safe place to watch everything around her as she assessed her new life. Structured tickle times, currently after food twice a day and before bed, help her to know when to expect to be touched. In time she will come to you outside of these times to request attention. At bedtime Misty loves a full body massage, combined with lots of soft positive encouragement and her body physically sinks into her bed.

Misty’s medical history will be discussed with potential owners.

Misty is very shy around new people and her forever people need to be aware that until Misty gets more confident, she will hide in her safe space when visitors come into the room. After some time, she will investigate the newbies if they don’t seem too loud and scary but will then return to her safe space. She will take a lot of time to trust humans and will need someone willing to introduce her slowly to people and persevere to help her build confidence over the coming months/years. She has shown great progress and clear indications that she likes and wants attention but she needs to build her confidence in humans again.

Misty doesn’t seem to find children as intimidating as adults but she would struggle with the unpredictable movements and sounds of younger children. Misty could live with children who will allow her time and space, aged 12 and above.

Misty is not tested with cats. She has been to the vets and although she was very scared, she behaved wonderfully.

Misty sleeps in the lounge on her dog bed and is such a good girl. At breakfast she greets her foster mum with a toy in her mouth and full bum/tail wags. She loves her food but will leave it if she feels worried by another dog, she needs her human to guard her while she eats to feel safe.

Misty will go to the toilet outside but will use puppy pads at night. In a new home, it will take her some time to be confident in going into the garden. However, a resident dog will greatly help with this.

Misty has no lead training and has not been outside the home on walks. She needs someone willing to take as much time as she needs to build her confidence inside and outside of the home. She can spook and might run so lots of lead and recall training will be needed.

Neutered Female

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Barry Area of South Wales

Misty will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.