14 November 2018


By FOAW staff
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Milly and Misty

Millie and Misty are now ready to start looking for their forever home. They are around seven or eight months old and are total sweethearts. Their foster mum describes them as being cheeky and adorable. Millie is the chatty one, she loves a good heart to heart about poetry, philosophy or politics (she’s pro cat, lukewarm dog and pro chicken for breakfast). Misty is the funny one, loves laps and if she thinks that you should be giving her more fuss she will climb up your jeans and demand it! She was the shyer at first but is now a proper diva. Playful with the other kittens and will listen to your woes with a non-judgemental ear. Fluffy’s coat is a little longer that Misty’s but Misty literally wears her heart on her sleeve and will adore her new forever humans.