10 March 2023

Megan *****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Megan D2023-29

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Older dog savvy children
  • Patient owner with time to help her adjust

Megan is a 6 year old Bichon cross Toy Poodle described by her foster mum as a lovely sweet natured dog who has a cheeky and playful nature that is hidden under her nervousness which is now starting to emerge. She is still wary of being caught and will only allow you to pick her up and cuddle her once she trusts you and another dog is close by.

She is not a great lover of the garden yet but doesn’t seem to be bothered about noises or strange objects. She prefers to be in the safety of a home. This will change when she learns how to explore and feels safe.

Megan walks well in a harness and lead and has no reaction to people or children when out and is happy to just walk past them. She is happy for them to approach her once they have asked permission from her forever family. She is wary of being touched by strangers so this needs to be explained to them and she needs to feel comfortable before they do.

Not tested with cats or small furries but due to her quiet nature we think she would be fine.

Megan can be housed with children over 5 who would give her time to get used to them but would not like a busy, noisy house.

Megan currently ignores toys but does like to try and play with other selected dogs which is lovely to see. She does find young dogs and high energy dogs overwhelming.

Megan currently sleeps downstairs with another dog all curled up together and spends most of the day like this.

House training is very much a work in progress and Megan needs to be taken out often and encouraged to toilet. She does not like being left on her own in the garden so you will need to go with her and hold her paw till she feels safe. Once she has, she would like a nice tasty treat and lots of verbal praise to tell her how good she is. If access to the garden is not available, she will use a puppy pad.

Megan loves her food and is happy to share a licky mat and treats.

Megan needs a home with another dog who can teach and guide her on her adventures to come. A dog who won’t mind cuddling and will play with her but not be too over the top. She can live with children, but she would not like a busy, noisy household. As she emerges form her shell of a past she will learn to trust and love and play with her owners but she is only going to do that with another dog showing her how and patient owners who will love her unconditionally.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer.

Fostered in Newport

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.