3 March 2018

Lucy’s Law

By Eileen Jones


Lucy’s Law

on Wednesday28th  February   2018  …….

something pretty fantastic happened in Rhondda Cynon Taff.

A motion put before the whole RCTCBC by Councillor Maureen Webber and seconded by Councillor Susan Pickering to back Lucy’s Law and support a ban on third-party selling of dogs was passed unanimously.

This is the most wonderful news and we want to thank all Councillors of all parties for their backing.

RCTCBC is the first council not just in Wales but in the whole UK to stand up and give their voice for the voiceless and we are so very, very, proud and grateful.

We now hope that other Welsh Councils will also show their support and of course the Welsh Government. perhaps you could share this post with your Councillor, your AM and your MP. Lets see Wales show we are a land of caring and compassion.




A message from Beverly Cuddy Dogs Today Magazine

Will you change your profile picture to show your supported the petition for #LucysLaw?
Here’s the petition – please sign and share it:
You may have already signed something similar – but this is a NEW unified specific #LucysLaw petition designed to help reassure the politicians that we really want this giant step for animal welfare.

If we ban dog dealers it will finally make it perfectly clear to the puppy buyers that this is a tragic and illicit trade.
to bring you up to date on the story so far do read this: https://www.linkedin.com/…/why-poor-dog-needed-lucys-law-h…/
Please tell your MP you support the all-party-push to remove the shop window for puppy farming and puppy traffickers. You can make ALL the difference, here’s how to really easily contact your MP: https://www.writetothem.com/
You don’t need to know their name, it will find them with your postcode.
We need your help to make it very clear to the MPs that this has the support of ALL dog lovers, that this is a logical first step towards better Animal Welfare in this country.
Some charities have sadly been dragging their feet – but not the innovative National Animal Welfare Trust (remember they led all the other charities by bringing the brilliant OpenPaw method to the UK for the first time – turning their centres into doggie universities, transforming ordinary, normally hard-to-home rescue dogs into highly-trained and therefore highly desirable pets…).
National Animal Welfare Trust said of Lucy’s Law: “National Animal Welfare Trust’s vision is that all puppies bred today are raised with the best animal welfare interests in mind so they arrive in their new home healthy and microchipped after spending their early weeks with their mum and siblings in an appropriate environment.
“We have not seen the full detail of the proposal for Lucy’s Law but from what we understand, Lucy’s Law is calling for a ban on pet shops and other third party dealers selling puppies, effectively ending puppy farming and trafficking. Instead, puppies would only be available from rescue centres or ethical breeders who will let a potential customer see the puppies and the mother together.
“NAWT welcomes this concept as a first step to ending puppy farming and looks forward to hearing more about the detail of this proposed legislation, its implementation and most importantly, its enforcement.”
NAWT leads the way again.
Why WOULDN’T everyone who cares about dogs back this?
This is the first of many steps, but every journey needs to start and HOW MANY YEARS have we been waiting for this one to get going?
Too long.
Please tell your MP you are fully behind #LucysLaw and if you want, why not urge YOUR favourite charity to throw their considerable weight and resources behind the soon-to-be-announced cross-party move that aims to IMMEDIATELY ban third party sales of dogs… well you pay their wages! Why shouldn’t they reflect your wishes?
Why is it called #LucysLaw ?
Lisa Garner’s Lucy died a year ago after enjoying an all too brief period of being loved, after a life of misery as a puppy farm breeding slave. Lucy’s legacy should be to release all her descendants from slavery.
Who wouldn’t back this…
apart from Cruella de Vil?
Social media means you can now tell your MP that you care about this…. in days gone by all these decisions would be made behind closed doors in committee rooms.
Your MP is just a click away – your votes count and while this may not be the first piece of legislation on your ‘to do’ list, once we click and treat politicians for becoming animal welfare champions, we will encourage them to do more and more.
We can do this, if we all stick together!
This link finds your MP and tracks whether they reply – you just type in your post code: https://www.writetothem.com/

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