9 February 2024

Loki *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Loki D2024-10

  •  Could live with similar size or larger resident dog, that can meet his energy
  •  Can also be an only dog
  •  Fantastic with children
  •  Owners willing to help him grow with training and confidence
  •  Needs to attend training classes

Loki is a 1 year old cross breed boy with the curliest tail biggest ears and most beautiful doggy smile.

He adores everyone and jumps in excitement for everyone he meets. He is described by his foster mum as a typical young energetic pup who loves running, playing and exploring the outside world. He is a happy go lucky boy, who loves to chase balls and is a complete bundle of fun and energy.

Loki has learnt basic commands and can sit and give paw when asked, he will do it even quicker if there’s a juicy treat on the end of it. It’s important that Loki takes part in ongoing puppy training classes to help keep his busy little mind stimulated as well as teaching him boundaries. Loki needs routine and boundaries in place as it will teach him how he should behave as he grows into the handsome man he is becoming.

Loki could be an only dog in his new home as long as he is not left for long periods on his own and as long as he has an active home. He enjoys the company of other dogs, but does not know his own strength and has no spacial awareness around smaller dogs whilst playing, so a similar or a larger size resident dog would be the best fit.

He has not been cat tested in his current foster home.

Out and about Loki walks well on lead and loves to explore the outside world, he likes to greet everyone he meets but can be wary of dogs coming towards him that he don’t know, so he will need his new pawrents to advocate for him by reassurance using tasty treats so that every interaction with another dog is a pawsitive one until he can find his confidence. Loki is a keen trekker and he’s looking for all those walking adventures.

Loki currently sleeps downstairs.

Toilet training is pretty much there he has very few accidents.

Loki is looking for a home with owners that can dedicate time to him with ongoing training, socialisation and general manners. He is super intelligent, he loves to please and he’s quick to learn. He needs time put into him from his family. With lots of positive rewards (yummy treats ) training and boundaries Loki is going to be an amazing boy.

To be adopted on a training agreement

He’s neutered Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport