6 April 2024


By Emma
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Llew D2024-44

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Adult only home
  • Owners with Chihuahua experience

Llew is a 4 Year Old Chihuahua who came into rescue very scared and anxious to be around new people. After a few weeks in his foster home he has learnt that he loves to sleep on his foster mum and dads lap whilst they are watching the tv. He will plant kisses on their faces and roll on his back for a tummy tickle but like a typical chihuahua everything is on his terms. He will decide where he’d like to sit, how long for and who’s face he’d like to lick. If he chooses you, you will be very spoilt with the love this boy has to offer.

He will try to play with the other chihuahua in the foster home but as he’s a grumpy Chi he has slowly given up and is happy to just follow him around and watch the interaction with him and his humans.

He had a flea allergy when he arrived so it’s very important that flea and worm treatment are kept up to date to avoid reoccurrence

Llew is inquisitive of cats and can bark when he sees one. He is fine with all dogs that he’s met in the foster home and is happy in their company.

Due to Llews fear aggression and the fact he’s not fond of kids of any age he will be better suited to an adult only home.

Llew has started to play with toys and has chased a ball. He is particularly fond of socks and will steal them out of your washing pile and chew them so being mindful of what is left lying around is a must if you want to keep the toes.

Llew doesn’t like to put the harness on and seems to find it quite scary but once it’s on him and he’s venturing outside he really enjoys it. He especially enjoys walking alongside the other Chi in the house showing the world who’s boss. Although he can come across as confident, he feels his safest when he’s with another dog whilst he’s exploring the big outside world.

Llew is quite happy sleeping downstairs in the foster home by himself. He has never been upstairs in the foster home and he likes it that way. He likes his own company to sleep and not to be disturbed. In the morning when he sees his foster mum he gives a big waggy tail and a jump and patiently waits for his breakfast.

Llew sleeps all night with no accidents in the house. He is toilet trained but it is to be expected that there may be accidents to start with in his new home until his confidence grows.

Llew will low growl and warn other dogs off if they try to steal his food. He will take treats away from the other dogs and find a corner quietly to eat them. Llew wouldn’t eat when he first arrived in the foster home but he is eating twice a day now and loves his food.

Llew is looking for an adult only home with chihuahua experience. He can be very anxious in new situations and will need someone that understands to leave him alone to decompress and someone who can deal with his anxiety and fear aggression until he settles. Llew is looking for another dog to help him settle and learn from preferably another chihuahua. He needs a home that doesn’t have too many visitors as he believes he lives in his own bubble with his own people and doesnt like any new people coming in upsetting that or he will bark and warn them to leave or hide in a corner till they are gone.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport