29 August 2018

Rehomed Lexi – 4 year old Jack Russell – Derbyshire

By FOAW staff
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Name: Lexi

Age: 4-years old

Breed: Jack Russell terrier

Can I live with Children: Older children

Can I live with cats: TBC

Can I live with other dogs: No

Fostered In: Derbyshire


Lexi is a four-year old Jack Russell girl who is being fostered in Derbyshire. She is a typical terrier who will need further training and socialisation but has a lot of love to give and in the right home we know she will reach her full potential.


People – Lexi loves people, she is very person focused. She got all wiggly at seeing children at the vets. However, she is very bouncy and we wouldn’t recommend that she go to a home with young children. She adores her humans and would be with you every minute of every day if she had the chance.


Dogs –  Lexi will walk passed other dogs on walks but will react if a dog reacts to her first. Lexi has previously lived in a multi-dog household but we feel that she would be better as an only dog. She has met other dogs through a stairgate and will tolerate them but doesn’t like playful youngsters.


Cats – Lexi has lived with several cats in her previous home and will be cat tested shortly.


In the home –  Lexi has been left for a couple of hours at a time and initially did cry but soon settled. She has not been crated due to having spent too much time in one in her previous home. Lexi does try to bite the vacuum cleaner, and this behaviour should not be encouraged.


Out and about – Lexi walks on a harness but still pulls and is very strong. She does calm down during her walk and pulls less on the way home. When meeting other dogs her adopters will have to take care with her toy obsession – she is likely to steal toys from other dogs. Lexi has visited the vets and was fine apart from becoming slightly anxious with other dogs in the waiting room. In the car she will jump around if not secured. She does tend to squeak on car journeys but enjoys looking out of the window.


Type of home – Lexi is looking for a home as an only dog where her humans are around for most of the day. She requires further training and socialisation and needs to learn about walking on a lead properly and recall. Lexi is very toy motivated and does love a ball to play with. Unfortunately, she is highly excitable, and her adrenaline levels rocket very quickly during periods of play. We recommend that toys are limited to Lexi in her new home and periods of play are introduced carefully in the garden and never on walks. Lexi needs humans who will work with her and keep stimulation to a minimum to ensure that Lexi stays calm. She needs someone who understands dogs and can see when they are uncomfortable with certain situations. Gentle and calm handling is an absolute must – as well as stocking up on Kongs and lickmats. Lexi will not be rehomed with other dogs or with young children.


Lexi is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Derbyshire.


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