Leah – 18 month old Cavalier x Shih Tzu

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Name: Leah

Age: 18 months

Breed: Cavalier/Shih Tzu X

Can I live with Children?: Yes

Can I live with cats?: Not tested

Can I live with other dogs?: Yes

Fostered In: Cardiff, South Wales

Leah is an 18-month old Cavalier cross Shih Tzu who is being fostered in Cardiff, South Wales. She is a clever little girl will sit give you her paw and high five! She apparently will also do roll over but we haven’t managed to get her to do that yet. She is a happy little soul and her tail will wag at the sound of a familiar voice even if she is sitting on your lap. 

People – Leah is human focused and loves to sit and cuddle with you, she will lie like a baby in your arms and she lies on her back for a tickle. She will let her foster mum look in her mouth and her ears without a murmur. Leah likes people but can take a little while to approach them. Once she is used to them she is fine. She is more reticent if approached from the top of her head. She loves her foster family and gives out her cuddles and kisses in equal measures. She does bark if a stranger visits but her tail is wagging and as soon as they show her some affection or a treat she is fine. She has met her foster mum’s three-year old boisterous grandson and she adored him from the moment she met him. She jumps on him tail wagging sits by him when he is playing and will charge around the garden with him.

Dogs –  Leah is wary and a little nervous around other dogs when she meets them on walks. She shows no sign of aggression she is just apprehensive and shy possibly because she hasn’t socialised much with other dogs. She is getting better the more she is walked and there are some dogs now which she will say hello to. Large groups of dogs do scare her though and she will run past them.

Cats – Not cat tested 

In the home – Leah has been left for up to three hours with her foster siblings and has been absolutely fine. On her first night in fosters Leah chose to sleep in a crate and has slept there every night right through with no worries. She doesn’t use it at all during the day and last night because one of her foster siblings was in her crate she chose to come and sleep on her foster mum’s bed with her foster sister. She is still a young dog and will chew children’s toys if they are left out. She does have a tendency to jump up and mouth your clothing when she gets excited. 

Out and about – Leah walks well on lead although initially gets excited and tries to chew the lead. She has been out by a busy road and was a fine with cars passing. She will sit on the pavement if you ask her to and then walks only when you tell her to cross. 

Type of home – Leah has been an only dog for most of her life and I think she could happily live as one again. She does love her humans and has formed a bond with her foster mum already. She could live with another dog providing it is laid back and willing to take a back seat for affections. She could live with a family with children but they would need to be aware that she does get excited and mouthy at times and might chew toys if left. She is young enough to learn adapt to different circumstances. It is important that she is re-homed somewhere where the owner/s are home the majority of the day. She can be left for a few hours but not full-time workers.

Please remember, if you have a dog and it is not neutered, it is against our policies to re-home a dog with you.

Leah is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Cardiff, South Wales   

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