28 June 2021

Latte ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Latte D202183





Latte is a beautiful 5 year old ex-breeding girl with the most beautiful little face, she didn’t have the best start in life but she’s now learning everyday in her foster home. She likes to watch everything around her and absolutely adores being around and snuggled up to other dogs.

Latte was not overly familiar with human touch when she arrived and her foster mum has had to slowly gain her trust and build up her confidence around all humans, it’s still work in progress but latte is gaining small amounts of confidence daily and her cheeky little character is slowly but surely emerging. She is happy for you to slowly and gently groom her and will pretty much tolerate with encouragement having her nails clipped. She does not like being picked up and will jump and shake in fear but she is learning slowly and at times she will surprise her foster mum and not make a fuss.

Latte is not happy around small loud children and will run for cover when approached. Older children with a patient manner that understands not to rush latte or invade her space may be suitable.

Latte absolutely adores all dogs male and female and would like to stay close to them at all times. She continuously follows her foster brother and sister around the house and is intrigued by everything they do. She can now get up on the settee with her foster brother and sister but has not yet worked out how to get down so she gets quite upset if they get down and leave her and will bark and cry under her breathe until she is helped down and she can find them again then she is happy and waggy.

Latte has not been tested with cats or small furries.

Latte is happy pottering around in the garden or sleeping with her foster siblings. She is fully house trained and she has not had one accident in the house. She’s clean through the night and sleeps on her foster mums bed or on the floor wherever her foster siblings are sleeping will do. She cannot get up on the bed so needs to be helped by her foster mum but this is not important as she would be very happy sleeping where ever her doggy friend’s sleep.

Latte is not confident on a lead yet due to her not being fully vaccinated until recently she has not had the opportunity to go for lovely walks. Lead walking will be work in progress and must be continued in her forever home. Latte travels in a crate in the car and settles well. She is not fond of the vets as most dogs aren’t and will shake and worry. With lots of encouragement from her foster mum she will eventually settle.

Latte needs a home with at least one other dog or a few other doggie friends that are happy to teach her life is now good. she is at her happiest when she’s around any dogs and learns quickly from them, she relies massively on them in everything she does and would not progress at all as an only dog. Her humans would need to be patient to slowly earn her trust. Routines seem to be working in her foster home as she now knows what time she’s having breakfast and tea and will wake her foster mum up in the morning when she wants her breakfast or the toilet. Her new family need to understand that latte is not going to be comfortable with her humans overnight and it is going to take time to build that trust but once she lets that guard down and relaxes you will see she really is a darling girl just wanting to be loved.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Newport area of south Wales

Latte comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance