25 September 2023

Jolene *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Jolene D2023-56

  • Can be an only dog
  • Could live with a male dog.
  • No cats
  • Older children
  • A family who loves to cuddle

Jolene is a 3 year old Pug who loves everyone! She gives lots of kisses on your face, hands or even feet! She gets all excited around new people and does a little ‘happy dance’.

Veterinary history to be discussed but she had to have an eye removed which is completely healed and doesn’t bother her.

Jolene is a very sweet girl who loves company in the house. She likes to follow you around everywhere and she likes sleeping at your feet when you are sat at a table/desk. If you get up you can guarantee she is coming too. When she is ready for a nap, she will snuggle up with you and will nestle right into you, or she’ll find a good spot to stretch out. She suckles on beds/blankets/cushions and kneads them for comfort.

She likes to have things to do and enjoys licki mats and playing with soft toys. She enjoys watching the TV too and will tilt her head side to side listening!

She is not cat tested but she LOVES to chase birds in the garden so we think she would chase cats..

She is a typical pug bouncy and a bit of bulldozer despite her small size! She can also be a bit mouthy when playing which is just over excitement. Due to this we think she would probably be better off with slightly older, sensible children.

Jolene loves playing with soft toys and will play by herself.

She is great with harness and lead on and gets excited when she sees it or you say walkies! She has been practicing in the garden but will need reminding of some manners on the lead, she is mostly good but gets over excited and pulls/barks. She has started going walkies and this is improving daily.

She currently sleeps downstairs on a dog bed, but she would be just as at home on the bed!

She is mostly clean in the house. She has had the odd accident – she isn’t good at letting you know when she needs to go, so will need reminding of this.

She is a typical pug and loves her food. She will grumble if another dog approaches her when she is eating. No problem when fed separately and she hasn’t approached the resident dog whilst he is eating. She is fine with treats and chews and would eat any sort of human food if left unattended.

Jolene is so easy going she would fit into any home. She ideally needs someone around most the time who appreciates her pug-ness. Someone who has the time to put in some training. Apart from that she would settle into most homes well as long as there is love and food. She is a bit of a ladies man and could live with a male dog.


Caccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport