ref no. D2020-029 & D2020-046

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Name: Jack & Digby

Age: Yorkshire Terrier cross and Shih Tzu

Breed: 3 and 5 years old.

Fostered in:  South Wales

Health Issues: Digby needs a grain free diet due to itchy skin.

Jack and Digby are a bonded pair who must be rehomed together. They have both settled well into their foster home and are delightful. Jack is the more active of the pair and a little more confident where as Digby is quieter but complement each other perfectly.

People: They both love cuddles, fuss and being brushed. Both dogs are easy to handle and the perfect house guests.

Can live with children: Not tested

Can live with cats: No

Can live with other dogs: Both dogs need to be rehomed together, carful introductions with other dogs are needed. This will need to be done once lock down restrictions are lifted.

In the home: After some initial nervousness they both happily go out for toilets. They sleep in kitchen/hall’ they have a bed each but invariably sleep together all night with no issues. The absolutely love their food and are twice a day with no issues such as aggression. They are just beginning to play with their toys, preferring a game of tug of war with each other. On the rare occasions I have been out there hasn’t been any issues while they are left alone.

Out and about: Walking on the lead is a work in progress as they haven’t been able to go outside as much as we would like to assess them properly. They have reacted nervously to people and other animals but easily reassured, this is something that will need to be worked on and taken into consideration before applying to adopt them.

Type of home: Their favourite place is one each side of their foster mum on the sofa, Jack regularly creeps onto her lap and plays havoc with her knitting! They are no trouble and have slipped into our routine easily. Both dogs are easy to look after and extremely affectionate.

Potential adopters would be expected to travel to South Wales to meet them.

Jack and Digby and up to date with their flea and worming treatments, due to the restriction relating to covoid – 19 with in our vets they are both awaiting neutering and vaccinations.