27 November 2018

Rehomed Honey – 6 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

By FOAW staff
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Honey is reserved for a home that was previously homechecked for another dog.  The adoptions team felt that Honey would be more suitable for them than the dog they previously applied for.

1st December – Update from foster home

Honey is really starting to come out of her shell and is becoming part of the crew. She’s found her waggy tail and is not afraid to use it 😁She is now eating with the other dogs she sleeps with them and has more or less abandoned her crate which was her place of safety. She’s also seeking affection from us and although she’s still a little nervous she’s so far from that scared little girl who first came to stay

Meet Honey, who is currently on foster being assessed in South Wales. This is what her foster mum has to say about her journey so far

“She is a scared little 6 month old puppy. When she first came to us she was very shut down I don’t think she’d had any socialisation and would hide under the table and wet herself at any attempt to interact with her. She has come a long way in the three weeks we’ve had her and although still very nervous she is starting to finally behave like a playful little pup should. She will sit on the sofa and cuddle up and is now trying to interact with her foster siblings. She an absolute darling, very sweet natured and will be a perfect little dog for anyone willing to give her the time love and patience to enable her to break even further out of that little shell. She’d need someone home during the day Another friendly dog is a must and probably only older kids as she’s still very nervy. She’s got a problem with a runny tummy at the moment which we think is just down to a nerves but vets are going to send samples away to check that it’s nothing more sinister”.

Watch this space!