23 October 2019

ADOPTED – Heidi – 2 and a half year old Cavalier

By FOAW staff
Heidi 2 and half Cav
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Name: Heidi

Age: 2 and a half years old

Breed: Cavalier King Charles

Can I live with Children: Older sensible children

Can I live with cats: Yes

Can I live with other dogs: A must 

Fostered In: South Wales

Heidi is a 2 and a half year old Cavalier King Charles who is being fostered in South Wales. She is a gorgeous and affectionate ex-breeding girl who has grown in confidence since being in her foster home. Heidi has been diagnosed with an open irregular heartbeat. She had an echo scan on her heart before she was spayed and was perfectly fine and stable under anaesthetic. The vets can not 100% guarantee that this won’t cause any problems in the future and she should be monitored as she could need medication.                            

People – Heidi can be an inquisitive little girl she’s wary of humans when she first meets them but does love a fuss, so it doesn’t take long for her to warm to you if you give her the fuss she craves. She is fine with children but older gentler children may be better as she doesn’t like to be chased and can be startled with loud noises.

Dogs – Heidi needs to live with another dog.

Cats – Heidi has lived in the foster home with both a rabbit and a cat and is not bothered by either.

In the home – Heidi’s house training is coming on well. She’s learning to go outside with the other dogs and will copy their every move. She only has an accident now and again. Heidi is happy in the house and seems to be becoming a very confident girl now. she will bark at passers-by and any noises can set her off she’s definitely found her voice, but take her outside and she’s a totally different dog.

Out and about – She’s unsure of the outside world and it is still work in progress. Heidi is fine in the car she will be wary to start and will shake quite badly, she will then settle down and sleep. Going to the vets can be quite scary for her but she is getting better.      

Type of home – Heidi would suit best in a home that can give her the attention and love she craves. someone that wouldn’t mind her sleeping on their bed as she loves to be close to her humans at bedtime. She will beat her foster mum to her bed every night and be ready and waiting.  Heidi needs at least one other dog in the house as she relies on the resident dogs to teach her how do doggie things and she also loves to snuggle up with them during the day. She has been left with her resident dogs during the day for a few hours and have had no problems. Heidi likes to steal washing and clothing items that are left on the floor and she will be partial to have a little chew of these items so doggie toys and chewy bones are a must. She loves anything food orientated as she’s a big foodie

Heidi is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in South Wales

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