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Heidi has been with us a little while now but she has been hiding behind the scenes relaxing and learning to trust humans again. She’s had a bit of a traumatic start but that is now behind her and she is looking forward to meeting her forever humans. She is going to need patient humans who understand that it will take her a little time to settle in new surroundings. Heidi can get stressed with other cats so a home as an only cat or a very quiet other cat is her preference. Heidi is however great with dogs but doesn’t like small children. Heid comes when she is called and is starting to be a lap cat in her foster home but this has taken time. she’s not fussed on being picked up but will sit quietly by you once she trusts you. Heidi is only around 3 years old but we get the feeling that she has been through a lot in her short life. She has a lot to give and given the time and patience will reward you with all her love and attention.


3 Years Old


Needs a quiet home, submissive other cats but is great with dogs

Older children and a quiet home

Spayed, Chipped, Vaccinated and up to date Flea and Worm

Adoption fee £50


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