15 May 2021

Harry & Biggles ****Adopted ****

By FOAW staff
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Harry and Biggles D2021-46 & D2021-48

Harry the Yorkshire Terrier is 11 years old

Biggles is an 14 year old Bichon Frise






Harry and Biggles came in together but due to a change in circumstances they need to be rehomed

Harry loves to run and throw himself in the air to be picked up. He loves cuddling with his head under your chin and has been known to fall asleep snoring. He loves to be stroked and will give little barks if you stop as if to say “hey you can’t stop”. He almost smiles when spoken to, with his ears going back in delight as he just loves the attention. He’s quiet in the house you’d hardly know he was there.

Biggles loves to follow you around looking to see what you’re doing and if you sit down he’s right there by your side cuddled up for a sleep. Biggles can be such a loving little boy but it’s on his terms and he will let you know when he doesn’t want to be picked up or disturbed. Don’t be fooled by his age as he’s as sprightly as a 3 year old and loves to charge around the place and jump on and off the sofa like a spring chicken.

Both boys get really excited when you return from going out and Biggles will jump up to give little excited kisses, this is the only time he gives kisses so it’s a privilege when he does. Harry looks excited to see his human and will wiggle about all over the place until he gets picked up.

Out walking Harry loves to chat all the way giving little barks saying hello to people, he will sometimes go up for a fuss if he’s feeling brave. Harry is not interested in other dogs when out walking and will growl if approached. They like being walked in quiet areas as they don’t like loud noises or lots of traffic or people.

Biggles is nervous around people and will bark at people at first when they come into the house, but he will settle after a few minutes. He doesn’t want people to fuss or approach him and can be a grumpy old boy growling and showing his teeth.

Neither Harry or Biggles has had contact with children apart from out walking in the park where they are both wary of them as they like a quiet life not the liveliness of children. Therefore children 16 and over for this pair

Biggles can be very jealous of another dog near his human if they come to visit and can snap and snarl, he’s fine with Harry as they have always lived together.

Both boys are very good at going out the garden to toilet, but can be lazy so need to be encouraged. Biggles has a band that is put on him at night and when he’s left home unsupervised in case he has an accident. Harry sleeps in a dog bed at the side of his foster mums bed, but Biggles likes to get on the bed by using the small steps that are at the side of the bed and will paw his Foster to let him go under the covers to sleep cuddled in to his human. If you don’t want a dog on or in your bed then these are not the dogs for you.

They are crated in the car but don’t use a crate in the house as they get stressed. Biggles can be very anxious and shake in the car even in his crate and sits up the whole time, Harry is a little better but sits as well and doesn’t lie down. Neither of the boys are destructive and they don’t seem to know anything about toys or playing with a ball.

Biggles is food aggressive and will go for another dog/cat if they are near his food. They have not been left alone for more than a few hours and although Biggles will bark at first they seem to settle and sleep most of the time.

Both boys can be nervous at the vets but Biggles will shake all over the whole time he’s there. Vets must be made aware that Biggles may need to be muzzled at times.

Harry and Biggles would prefer a quiet retirement home with not much going on and not many visitors as Biggles can be quite reactive and grumpy at times. Most of the time he’s happy to be near his human but it is on his terms and adopters will need to be aware of this. The boys would be suited to an older couple with no children in the house and preferably no visiting children under 16 due to Biggles feisty nature.

They like to sleep a lot of the day and like to mooch around the garden especially in the sun. They like a sofa to sleep on and the odd dog bed or two. Harry likes to lay by the patio doors looking into the garden especially if it’s sunny. They like to go on a few short walks a day and then have a snooze on the sofa. They both love their food but Biggles will eat little and often if not encouraged, sometimes this means hand feeding any food he has left in his dish.

Neutered Males

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Cardiff area of South Wales

Harry & Biggles come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance